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Monday, August 20, 2007

Volvo timings and fare from Kolkata to other cities

Kolkata to Siliguri
Royal Cruiser Volvo
Departs Kolkata : 6:30pm
Arrives Siliguri : 6:30am
Price: Rs 740

Kolkata to Asansol
Royal Cruiser Volvo
Departs Kolkata : 5:45am - Karunamoyee
6:15am - Esplanade
Arrives Asansol : 10:00am
Price: Rs 280

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Anonymous said...

East India was the last zone in india which was exposed to the volvo revolution. However as they say better late than never- Kolkata boasts of various tour operaators serving major East Indian towns. The details are given below:

Royal Cruiser- under the license of WBSTC (west bengfal surface transport coprn) run by a company called kaushik logitics. Wonderful service to Vizag, Dhaka (yes these chaps have now won the direct bus service contract to Bangladesh after the previous operator miserablty failed with Ashok Leyland buses), Asansol, bokaro, & Siliguri.

2 Jaia dada serv\cie- unser the CSTC (calcutta state transport Coprn) permit -services to Puri, Asansol/durgapur/tarapith. Run by a company called medeidrips carriers

3 Raha travels- private operator again to Siliguri, Asansol/Durgapur
This company also blatantly uses Volvo look a likes for same route but then with lowe fares and obviously lousier service!
4. Prithvi Travels- Private operator

These companies all have websites although the Royal Curiser site is the best and also the company is miost popular- it even provides on li\ne ticketing. This is currently the only company which i have seen operates the CRDI model which is normally called the mark3.

The roads are susprisingly excellent since it is part of the golden quadrilateral. this has now provided company executives with an option other than smelly trains!

Anonymous said...

royal cruiser is really good only it needs to tell its drivers who bring the evening busses from asansol to kolkata that it needs to give a halt at shaktigarh on its down journey. they themselves enroute with the help of some regular passengers from durgapur tend to call it a non stop journey which really duz not make too much sense.