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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feedback from readers needed

Did you recently experience travel in any of these buses?

1. Volvo B7R / B9R
2. Mercedes
3. Isuzu
4. Corona
5. TATA Hispano

If yes, we would be glad to know your feedback and experience about the bus as well as the operator. It will probably take you just five minutes but will end up helping and guiding thousand of readers here.

Just mail us your experience at Do include the following
1. Your name
2. Route
3. Operator name
4. Bus brand
5. Month of travel
6. Short experience

We will post your feedback in the relevant section and update you on the same via an Email.


You can read various experiences here
1. Neeta
2. VRL

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Anonymous said...

i've posted b4 Anyway here I go Again.
I made a up & down trip in Ksrtc Airavat on 02 Apr and 04th Apr.
On 02nd April I was in CMBT at 09.45 pm. I expected more rush but Since friday was a holiday not much crowd was in any platform. I went to ksrtc platform where volvos and coronas stand. (My initial plan for whatever it may be I should be at ban. tomorrow so better opt SETC 831UD as only they will have last min. seat). But when I saw the volvo conductors calling for bangalore I slowly went near the volvo platform. There was 4 volvos and one corona sleeper in the bay and two more volvos waiting behind them waiting for their platform. I slowly glanced all the 4. There was a 10pm che-ban-Mys Mark III, one old Mark-I (red-orange livery) cheban, 10.10 pm cheban via hosur Mark II, 10.20 pm Cheban Mark-II. I first tried for cheban (via hosur) but no seats were available next is 10.20 volvo yes! seats are their, And mine is seat no. 02. Good I gave a 1000 rs note and the cond. said to collect the change later. Ok fine) .
I went to toilet refreshed myself went to snacks shop bought a Maaza 250ml bottle and had a look at other buses. On that day even the rajahamsas are having seats vacant. But also the floating crowd reminds me that surely all the buses will go full tonight. Meanwhile the chemys volvo got reverse and waited for the con. to come and immediately another volvo entered into the platform. correctly by 1010 the cheban via hosur started reverse and moved, The Mys bus con. came running and the 10 pm bus started behind the 1010 pm bus. I was so curious about conora sleeper it was taller than volvo, looks new. I think the bus time is 10.25 pm and seems it was also running full. The gearbox in corona is so lean (seems it will break if the driver tries to shift hard). By 1020 the driver got to the steering, still our bus conductor waiting for 2 more reserved passengers to come & by 1030 the pass. came and the driver went reverse and we all got in. The bus went in maduravoyil route (via omni bus stand).Outside omni busstand there was Bharathi volvo and Seabird tourists Isuzu both heading to bangalore. b4 we reach poonamallee the conductor distrib. water bottles, shawl and the remaining change. The driver was a fastmaniac he was flying on the road. My copassenger seat no.1 was a youngster (looks like he is also a busfanning and purposefuly booked the Ist seat & he didnt closed the curtains).
In no time we are at sriperambadur tollgate the driver looks very sportive and he cant even wait for the tollgate bar to open. I closed my eyes and had a little sleep and suddenly woke up again we are at walajah tollgate and the bus started cutting from walajah flyover into walajah town, we are heading in ranipet-chittoor sector. Again i slept only to wake up by a big thud sound a big suitcase fell from my backseat to the floor. Later I realised the roads were not good in this side. There was heavy traffic in that route . There was roadrollers, bulldozers sleeping in the road corners. Our driver did many tactics to overcome all the obstacles the bus was waving heavily up and down when we cross diversions and all the while the middle screen was dancing to the movements of the bus. All the curtains were keep on scrolling front bcause of our sportstar driver pressing the brakes harder. And by 04.00 am we are at KBS.
1. The Bus was averagely maintained it was Mark II (with Mk-III front portion, the volvo logo was missing). The front windshield sunshade curtain (which drivers lower by ropes) is missing. The scroll down front row passengers curtains has its knot missing and waving in the air so the oncoming vehicles light penetrate inside.
2. In chittor-kolar sector the roads were no good but our bus overcome all with no difficult at all and the suspension is better.
3. The driver really don't know why he made that much speed (surely more than 90 km/hr even 100). That fast may be safe in hosur side not in chittoor sector it should not be encouraged.
Overall a Good trip in Ksrtc Airavat.

Anonymous said...

Recently travelled in Ksrtc Mercedes, bak to bak thrice in a week to shimoga -Blore and Blore Chikmalore.. I was so excited about traveling in mercedes... but to my horror ,Firstly the interiors were sad, dint have that luxury feel you would want to associate with Mercedes. Somehow felt that the bus could have been built better. A/c Was awesome, 2,17 inch Lcd monitor's were too small, Audio system was below average. Next its the drivers..OMg , drivers on both the routes were technically ill fated. Drove like amateurs, lazy gear shifting patterns led to somewhat boomy sound inside the cabin. average speed was around 50- 60kms/hr, Turbo power was not utilized at all. But i must admit, the drive quality of Mercedes O 500 R 1830 is better than B7r ..way too smooth. All in all if only the drivers were well trained i would love to travel in Mercedes..Its as smooth as river.

Rahul said...

I tracelled in a Merc yesterday from Bangalore to Cochin and in Volvo B9r day before yesterday from Cochin to Bangalore. Same seats, 2nd last in the right row(I4). So it was quite easy to see the difference of these 2 luxuries on wheel. In one word I had a uncomfortable journey in the Merc. While in B9r , as said it was as comfortable as a cradle. Seats are not designed well in the merc, It cant incline much toward the back . But the engine an A/C stands next to none. Sadly the suspension was not upto the mark in Merc. In B9r you feel a jerk inside only when you have some serious potholes in the road.

Rudolf said...

I traveled in a Neeta Volvo multiaxle bus from Mangalore to Mumbai on 28th April 2012. Having traveled earlier by Neeta on the same route, I felt the service is deteriorating. The driver who was driving the first section was very rude and abusive, hurling choicest abuses in Kannada and Tulu language which many could not understand to all those who went to talk to him. There was a Gujarati family with a small kid who were desperately wanting a halt for their baby, but after much cajoling did the driver agree to halt but was mumbling some abusive jargon in Tulu because he had to halt. As usual the bus halted in Ankola for dinner. There I pointed out to the same driver that the destination board displayed was Mangalore and should be Mumbai for which he just said "woh mera kaam nahin hai"! From here the drivers seat was taken over by a bearded UP guy (I know this coz I have spoken with him on several occasions before while travelling in Neeta! He is an expert driver as experienced by me. But he has developed this habit of stopping any and everywhere to passengers wanting to get to Mumbai. In this particular trip, he halted for a group of 7 clumsily dressed men after Hubli-Dharwad who wanted to get to Mumbai and made a deal with them (400bucks each) and got them inside even though there were no vacant seats. These men occupied all available space in the drivers cabin and spread to the gangway. The bus was completely dark with no lights on. As usual the night reading lamps are never on in Neeta buses!! But there were quite a few young girls and families in the bus!! In between the bus halted at a RTO checking station where I (seated in the third row on the left) made a desperate attempt to get down for relieving myself, but could not due to the extra passengers sleeping in the gangway and drivers cabin as they were deep in slumber!!! Then again, this driver took new passengers from Pune at 4AM!!

Overall a very bad experience with Neeta and their goonda type drivers!! I would suggest Neeta only when one is left with no option!!!

Take care!!!