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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

KSRTC gets own Mercedes luxury buses

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has now inducted Mercedes-Benz buses in its fleet: Mr. R. Ashok, Chairman and Mr. Gaurav Gupta, M.D, KSRTC was handed-over the keys of KSRTC’s Mercedes-Benz Luxury Two axle coaches by Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India.

The KSRTC Mercedes buses will run on the following routes

Bangalore-Mysore : 07:40hrs, 08:40hrs, 17:10hrs, 17:30hrs ( Fare: Rs:260/-)
Mysore- Bangalore: 12:10hrs, 12:40hrs, 20:30hrs, 20:50hrs ( Fare: Rs:260/-)

Bangalore-Shimoga: 10:00hrs, 14:00hrs (Fare: Rs 416/-)
Shimoga-Bangalore: 23:00hrs, 23:30hrs (Fare: 416/-)

Bangalore-Tirupathi: 10:45 hrs, 23:00hrs (Fare: 370/- and Rs 400/-)
Tirupathi-Bangalore: 12:15hrs, 23:15hrs

Bangalore-Chennai: 23:40 (Fare: Rs: 620)
Chennai:Bangalore: 22:25

Bangalore-Hyderabad: 20:40(Fare: Rs 780)
Hyderabad-Bangalore: 17:30

Volvo opens bus centers in India

After establishing its leadership position in the market in the luxury segement for city buses and inter-city coaches, Volvo Buses is once again leading the change towards progress in the area of after sales. Mr. Akash Passey, Managing Director, Volvo Buses India and Rune Lundberg, Senior Vice President-Marketing, Volvo Buses Interntional launched another first – The Volvo Bus Centre – a successful global after sales model in India.

Volvo Buses has embarked upon restructuring its after sales service, so as to provide customers with a single point interface and an experience that is at par with international standards. Volvo Buses will soon start upgrading 5 of it service dealers across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. Volvo Buses currently provides after-sales support to its customers jointly with Volvo Trucks. However, with the fast changing market environment & increased concenteration of Volvo Buses in regions, these focused Volvo Bus Centres are being established.

Volvo Bus Centre will provide a unique retail experience to its customers. From its current capability of offering repairs and spare part network, the new Volvo Bus Center will now additionally offer Accident Repairs, Parts Warehouse, Refurbishment, Special Bus Technicians and Soft Offers that will provide a complete Volvo Brand Experience such as Merchandise, Advisory services and Training amongst others.

Akash Passey - "Our aim is to get closer to the customers and become a complete
solutions provider."

Customers will now be able to obtain assistance from choosing a vehicle to obtaining cettified service, prompt provision of spare parts.

See: Akash'a Passey's interview with us

Friday, September 10, 2010

Reader Feeback: Chennai to Trivandrum - Parveen travels

1. Your name: Praveen Paul
2. Route : Chennai - Trivandrum
3. Operator name : Parveen Travels
4. Bus brand : Mercedes Benz Multi axle
5. Month of travel : July

The travel Experience was very positive. The Bus was scheduled to leave Chennai Koyembedu at 8:00 PM to Trivandrum, the fare was Rs 1050 which is bit more than what the Volvo operators charge ( ~Rs 950). Due to traffic inside the Bus stand itself, we only managed to leave around 8:30. The Bus itself was what you would expect from a bus competing against the volvos : comfortable seats, excellent air conditioning and very smooth ride. Parveen Travels provided Complementary snacks for the journey, a very nice touch! The Drivers were friendly and didnt chat loudly all night or anything. There were 2 LCD tvs inside the bus and i was sitting at the front and the in bus entertainment is the usual Tamil movie. Unlike other volvos that i have traveled by, the front of the main aisle of the bus wasn't covered and you had a good view of the road ahead though there was no light problem from the oncoming traffic as the roads are 4 laned.

The bus traveled at a fast speed ~100 Km/h and made quick time (including a race with a KPN multi axle Volvo!) to get to Trivandrum by 8:15 AM, which is very fast considering that Anantapuri EXP takes 16 hours! All in all the journey was very pleasant, quiet and there were no unnecessary stops. I would really recommend travelling by Parveen's Mercedes bus!

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Reader Feedback: Hyderarabad to Mangalore - Kesineni Travels

Your name: Deepak
Route: Hyderabad - Mangalore
Operator name: Kesineni Travels
Bus brand: Volvo 9400 6x2 B9R
Month of travel: June 2010
Short experience: Enjoyable & decent service

· Bus Interiors: 4.75/5;
· Bus Exteriors: 4.5/5;
· Crew Service Courtesy: 4.75/5;
· Drive experience: 4.5/5;
· In-bus Entertainment: 4/5;

I had booked on this service from ‘Hyderabad (pick-up Kondapur, near Hitec city)’ to ‘Manipal –Bye-pass’. The pick-up time was scheduled to be 5:30 PM. Kesineni is covering pick-ups pretty well in South-West region of Hyderabad.

The B9R bus starts from Garage @ Nizampet road and picks up from Miyapur, Kondapur and last stop Mehedipatnam. There are van pick-ups from Erragadda, Ameerpet, Punjagutta. This is well handled in the website as they have online booking.

This 6X2; 9400 (B9R) has 49 seats. Last seats are normal seating. Since it is a semisleeper, the leg-space is pretty good.

Apart from Service to Mangalore from Hyderabad, Kesineni has B9R service to Goa, Coimbatore, Mumbai & Surat (via Mumbai, Valsad). Coimbatore & Mangalore service start at the same time.

At Kondapur the first service came was to Coimbatore at sharp 5:30 PM, followed by Mangalore at 5:45 PM. This lag was to handle the parking & boarding of Coimbatore bus at Mehedipatnam.

The bus had maroon color exteriors and blue interiors (regn: AP16TU6800), it appears that all their B9R have regn number ending with 00). The bus left Mehedipatnam at 6:35 PM to stop for dinner at Jadcherla by 7:45 PM. After dinner break at Jadcherla, with driver change the bus started around 8:15 PM on the route to Raichur-Koppal-Gadag-Hubli-Ankola-Kumta-Bhatkal-Kundapura-Udupi-Mangalore. The bus crossed Raichur around 10:20 PM and around 12:45 AM bus had stopped for loo and I was surprised to see then KSRTC B7R passing by (that was 1705HYDMNG service). The bus reached Hubli at 2:45 AM trailing behind the KSRTC B7R. KSRTC B7R entered the Hubli old bus stand for drop and this bus had advantage and started before B7R, after crossing Hubli at the outskirts this bus stopped around 3:00 AM for driver change and tea. After this the bus was speeding inspite of heavy down pour on NH17, when I opened my eyes the bus was crossing the Sharavathi Bridge and by 6:50 AM was at Bhatkal. He stopped for ladies to use the Ladies toilet at Hotel Vaibhav, then I saw 2 KSRTC B7R’s (1705HYDMNG & 1300MUMMNG) going towards Mangalore. Do not know when KESINENI had overtook them. The only hitch point was 12 passengers were picked from Bhatkal to Mangalore (assuming) and started towards Mangalore. Due to Heavy rains (Kundapura had experienced 27cm of rain in 24 hours) there were trees uprooted & encroached exactly infront of KSRTC bus stands. So this bus had to wait for close to 90 mins, till it was cleared. While KSRTC bus entered the Kundapura KSRTC bus stand and steered off ahead.

This bus left after the path was cleared and reached Udupi at 10:00 AM, Kesineni’s context Udupi Bus stand is Manipal Bye-pass as I expected. However while returning back from Mangalore it also enters Manipal (TC) for pick-up.

Had there been no block at Kundapura then it would have reached Udupi by 8:30 AM. A decent 15 hour journey covering 850 kms, even I cannot achieve this timing if I prefer to drive down by car.

This service is good competitor for KSRTC B7R & may propel KSRTC to upgrade to B9R.

The only drawback is that the blankets have no white linen as in KSRTC service.

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DTC breaks all rules! Caught speeding

Common Wealth Games are just around the corner. The Government is trying to upgrade everything including the infrastructure. Right!!!
Weren't DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses fitted with speed governors? Isn't the speed limit in Delhi and NCR for buses 40km/h?
What we managed to get here is a scoop!! We caught a DTC bus going from Noida to Delhi on the DND (Delhi-Noida-Delhi) expressway at crazy speeds. The bus driver is even changing lanes and doing speeds of more than 80km/h. Safety be dammed it seems!

Who is responsible for this?

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Reader Feedback: KSRTC Mangalore to Hyderabad

By: Deepak Sarvade

Route: Mangalore-Hyderabad
Operator name: KSRTC (trip 1601MNGHYD & return 1705HYDMNG)
Bus brand: Volvo 9400 4x2 (B7R) -Mark III
Month of travel: June 2010
Short experience: Met expectations

· Bus Interiors: 4.75/5;
· Bus Exteriors: 4.0/5;
· Crew Service Courtesy: 4.75/5;
· Drive experience: 4.0/5;
· In-bus Entertainment: 4.5/5;

I had booked on this service from ‘Udupi’ To Hyderbad (MGBS drop). I had booked sheet no: 26 (in new KSRTC 9400 series; the emergency door is here and get superb leg-space. The bus was scheduled to arrive at 17:15 hrs, and it arrived & left at 17:30. The KSRTC drivers focus on Fuel efficiency and a steady speed is maintained. At Kundapura, they stopped around for evening tea around 18:15 hrs. After the snacks the bus steered out and the movie that was played - Chachi 420. At around 21:30 hrs the bus stopped for dinner at Kamat Upahaar , Ankola. This seems to be a decent place.

With driving change, the bus departed at 22:00 and by 00:15 hours crossed Hubli old bus stand (no pickup or drop). By 3:00 hrs this stopped at Koppal outskirt for driving change. The bus reached Raichur at 5:00 hrs. When I got-up it was around 6:45 hrs and the bus was crossing Mahbubnagar town and since it was not raining the sun rays did not make me to sleep further. The bus stopped for morning tea at Jadcherla (not called for) for 30 mins at 7:15hrs & reached MGBS by 9:15 hrs as expected. Though the KSRTC time is 9:45 hrs; there were times when this bus has reached MGBS at 7:30 hrs.

The monsoon plays havoc on NH17 killing the road & increases the travel time.

If KSRTC updates the service to B9R it would be fun, to see the competition on road between Kesineni and KSRTC. The rumor is that soon this service would be updated to B9R.

Now this service has both pick-up and drop at Manipal. So students travelling to Manipal from Hyderbad need to select Udupi and then drop or pick point as ‘Manipal bus stand’.

KSRTC has added another service from Mangalore to Hyderabad & back (1300MNGHYD & 1230HYDMNG), this service was going full in May. With Kesineni this service is not full, not sure how long the additional service would be in place.

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By: Anonymous

Pathetic service by bus driver-Issue with AC, Leakage and mis-behaviour

I have trvelled on 25 aug 2010 , from Thane to Shirdi
I have booked my ticket from Karishma Travells(Teen hath Naka,Udan Pull,Near Telco Co. LBS marg ,022-25806303)
We all pasangers have been given ticket for AC bus charging rs. 250/- Bus-Dolphin number (MH-04 G-5444)
ticket number 1494 seat no. 16
Bus has started moving at 10.30.
It was suphocating badly so all passanger including me asked driver to start AC, but he completly ignored us. At bhiwandi all passanger shouted at him to start AC and then he used really rubbish language. He did not start AC at all.
After some time it started raining heavily and his bus started leaking. So all of us had to suffer alot during whole night. We all decided to take this issue forward so I called Siddique travells (o2224173717) DADAR office. And we explained whole issue. Their Agent said Mr. Naushad is owner of this firm and nobody have guts to go against him. I told him we are suufering and instead of giving solutions or sympathy he again misbehaved with me.
I found that its waste in talking with him and I asked him Mr. Naushad's number. But he talked so rudely and put the phone down.
Now my concern is if this private tourist companies misbehaving with customers who pays them the amount they say aren't deserve atleast good service??


RSRTC Volvo B7R caught weaving dangerously

Recently we at travelbyvolvo caught this RSRTC (Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation) Volvo B7R caught weaving dangerously through traffic.
The bus, on its way from New Delhi to Jaipur, had just crossed the Gurgaon toll plaza. In traffic, it is doing speeds around 70-80km/h and further at 1:40min in the video, u can see the way it overtakes the 3-wheeler!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mercedes multi-axle bus : cruising @ 105km/h video

After so many Volvo videos, we caught the newly launched Mercedes multi-axle bus on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.
This bus was been run by Neeta travels and being new, the driver was holding around 102-104km/h constantly.
The white bus does look majestic and we can only imagine how it will be driven after a proper run-in.

Enjoy the video. For all videos on luxury buses till date, CLICK HERE

MSRTC Shivneri Volvo B7R : 110km/h in rains!

When was the last time you felt safe doing 110km/h in a car in rains. Ok, let us put it this way - when was the last time you felt safe while being a bus doing 110km/h. Surprised.
Well, Volvo buses are known for their safety and hence it comes as no surprise when we caught this MSRTC Shivneri Volvo B7R doing speeds between 105-110km/h in rains on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. See for yourself!

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Isuzu bus caught speeding over 110km/h

From across the country, we have been bringing you exclusive videos of luxury buses caught speeding. And this time we are in North India.
We caught this Isuzu luxury bus, running under the Haryana Roadways scheme, speeding enroute Delhi. As you can see, at times the bus is even doing over a 110km/h!

While we do understand that these buses like Isuzu and Volvo are fast, but is it really safe to drive like this? You decide


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Parveen travels gets first Mercedes Multi-axle bus

Remember our spy shot of the new Mercedes Mult-axle bus (READ) ? South India bases Parveen travels is now the first owner of the same bus. This new bus hallmarks of the Mercedes brand: highest standards of safety, comfort and technology. They offer unparallaled value offering to customers due to their optimized cost of ownership, toughness and durability as well as reliability.
The Mercedes Multi-axle buses are built on the robust Mercedes chassis O 500 RSD 2436. These buses have been optimized to suit the needs of Parveen Travels. The buses sport suave exteriors, plush and airy interiors, well designed passenger seats and thoughtful amenities like personalised speakers, lights and AC controls.
Powered by the Euro III engine, the buses are capable of delivering high performance, powerful torque output and a good fuel economy. Their rear engines with 6 vertical cylinders, turbo charged and intercooled engine deliver 1200 Nm torque at a low rpm of 1400-1600. The smart suspension system of these buses is equipped a lifting mechanism that allows the chauffer to increase the height of the bus when the road conditions are demanding.

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KSRTC: Single driver scheme results in an accident

In December 2008, we had put a post about untrained drivers driving KSRTC Volvos - READ. Recently, the same transport undertaking's Volvo met with an accident, which could have been a deadly one. Why - KSRTC decided to run its B7R Airavat on the Hyderabad - Bangalore route with just one driver one board.
We believe due to fatigue, the driver couldn't pay attention on the road ahead. Here is Mr Sanram's account - a passenger on the same bus

Hi all,
I have escaped a near fatal incident yesterday night, which could have been easily avoided.

Details: KSRTC volvo Airavat from hyderbad to bangalore, start:20.00hrs from JBS.
Single driver. Around 3am, we were woken up by two forceful jolts. The confused passengers could smell diesel, and heard words, "get down" and "diesel leak". And while getting down, we saw diesel flowing under our feet. By the time everyone got down, the tank was empty, and bus was in a pool of diesel.

Reasons: The driver didn't take the necessary diversion, and went above the big boulders on the blocked road. Not sure if there was any road divert sign board. within the 40 min desperate wait for reaching help from KSRTC depot, we saw all other buses,cars correctly taking the diversion. It is said that the driver was new to this route. One small spark while braking would have been sufficient to burn us all with the 200litres odd capacity of the fuel tank.
Finally we had stopped a passing by Rajahamsa bus, which happened to be empty enough to accomodate us all.

Since we had an escape, this incident might not be reported anywhere, but we the passengers know that we had such a close encounter, and just feel lucky for being alive.
1.So isnt it the KSRTC's resposnibilty to properly train/guide about the route?
2. Had there been co-driver, there are much chances of spotting the whole road blocked with big boulders, in case one of them just didnt notice due to any reasons.

Why not follow all safety rules, instead of condemning, inquiring, and giving compensation after the such fatal incidents happen?

KSRTC has often been priased for its customer service and buses. But events like these don't really go well with their reputation.

1. KSRTC to buy ten B9R buses
2. New Mercedes multi-axle bus caught on test
3. KSRTC's route map for B7R buses

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

UPSRTC Volvo : New timings and fare

UPSRTC's Volvo has been getting a very favorable response from users. Though we believe the routes remain same, the frequency of buses running on this route has increase.
WWW.Abhibus.COM has the complete booking arrangement for UPSRTC's Volvo as well as other buses including the sleeper ones. Log in for more information.

KSRTC to purchase 10 Volvo B9R buses


KSRTC is known for its huge fleet of Volvo B7R buses. After the successful trial of the multi-axle or the B9R Volvos, the state government has decided to go ahead with the order of ten brand new B9Rs.
The main advantage is that the B9R, due to its added length can carry eight more passengers - a total of 53 as compared to 45 for the B7R. However it should be noted that private operators are running their B9Rs with one row less or 49 seats, hence increasing leg space.

1. New Mercedes multi-axle caught on test

Monday, May 17, 2010

SCOOP! New Mercedes Multi-axle caught on test

(click to expand)

Remember Mercedes showcasing their new multi-axle bus at the Auto Expo? (read HERE)
Well, that bus had both the 2nd and 3rd axle with 4 wheels each. However, I managed to chase and capture this different kind of multi-axle Mercedes bus on test recently.

I strongly feel and believe that this one has a dummy 3rd axle with 2 wheels, just like the Volvo B9R has a dummy 2nd axle with 2 wheels. Looks like Mercedes has gone in for some changes in the bus. Hmmmm...

Shall keep you all posted on this...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

TATA Hispano : Can it make a dent?

Remember the new rear engined luxury bus from TATA in collaboration with Hispano. The body is made at ACGL's factory in Goa. Though its priced quite low as compared to the likes of the Volvo buses, we havent really seen many of these on the road.
Lately, things are moving on though with SRS travels among others having taken these buses.
Here are a few images of how SRS's Hispano bus looks like.

KSRTC's Mumbai(Borivali) to Bangalore Volvo bus to skip Pune city

This had to happen and in my opinion is the right move by KSRTC. It has now been decided that the Volvo B7R buses running between Borivali (Mumbai) and Bangalore will not enter Pune city. Instead they will follow NH4 all the way to Katraj, take a right and continue on the highway. This has been done to minimize wastage of time. Earlier these buses used to enter Pune and waste a good hour. There are currently three buses departing from Borivali at 1pm, 3:30pm and 7pm. Passengers boarding from Pune will have to come to Wonder City, Katraj for the pick-up.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

VRL Logistics / Neeta Travels get Isuzu buses

Main image:

VRL Logistics, one of the biggest luxury bus operators in India has recently bought quite a few of the Swaraj Mazda Isuzu buses. These are being operated on various routes like Mumbai-Goa.

Neeta travels has also taken up some Isuzu buses and is running the same on routes like Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai. It should be noted that Neeta has various kinds of luxury buses like the B7R, B9R, Tata-Hispano etc.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

KSRTC's Airavat Volvo route map

Here is a (click to expand) route map of KSRTC's Volvo Airavat service. KSRTC is the biggest (correct me if i am wrong) user of Volvo's B7R (and now B9R) buses in India. As seen in the map, KSRTC is now operating its Volvo service across five different states

(Click to expand)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reader Feedback: Cerita / Isuzu / Volvo B9R

From our reader Deepak (Bangalore)

Dear Bunny

In response to your call in i would like to share my experiences in different types of buses.

Cerita :
Photo for representational purpose only

Kinglong make I travelled in cerita bus between Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam operated by kesinenitravels a leading operator of Andhra Pradesh in April 2008. The bus has a total seats of 45 and divided into 11 rows. The bus interiors are good and the interior body and seats have same upholstery. The seats are placed at a height of 4 inches above the middle pathway or gangway. The front seats do not have any legroom and the last two rows are placed at a height. There is a step of 6 inches for the 10th row and 11th row has two steps of 6 inches each. So the 10th and 11th row will also have less legroom as their leg will be obstructed by the preceeding seats and they cannot stretch their legs below the seat space as in Volvo. This means the seating will be comfortable for only 8 rows. More over it seamed like the engine is occupying more space. Recently they removed one row for this bus to make more legroom for the 8 rows and the seating is reduced to 41 seats.

Pic: Photo for representational purpose

I travelled in ISUZU from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam by Sree Kaleswari Travels in May 2009. The bus has a total seats of 41 divided into 10 rows. The seats are placed directly on the gangway floor except the last two rows which are placed on steps of 6 inches each as in Cerita. when you push back your seat fully you could see outside the window freely as in Volvo as the seats are on the gangway floor. As the bus is 11.5M long the leg space for 9 rows will be equal to 10 row volvo semi sleeper. So the operator has removed one row but the last two rows have the same problem.

Volvo B9R :
Pic: Photo for representational purpose

I Travelled by volvo multiaxle from Bangalore to Vijayawada The bus has 12 rows with 49 seats all the rows have equal leg spacing including the last row. The engine occupies less space and 13.7 metre space is used for seating. Unloke the other brands the seats are placed at a height of 6 inches from the gangway floor and as you reach the back the seating floor height is gradually increases to about 9 to 10 inches (Gradient and not in steps). So there is uniform spacing between the rows and legroom is maximmum in volvo and also the seats used by them from Harita are the best seating systems then all other brands.

Volvo costs around 72 lacs and other brands like TATA Hispano, Ashok leyland IRIZAR, Cerita, Isuzu cost around 55 lacs which have less horsepower and the seating system should be more comfortable for all the rows which will have have a positive impact on the customer and also the maintainance costs and service stations for the operator will have a impact on the market.The engine design should be compact and should not consume the innner seating space. Though may are in the market and may planning to enter like Hino (toyota) the price and seating and service costs and service station availability will decide the existence of market for the players. Many operators prefer to buy Volvo than others which are less priced because of the brand value and the acceptance of the customer. Though ISUZU was acquired by VRL 8 Nos, Seabird Tourist 4 Nos, Varsha Travels 2, Sree Kaleswari 4 Nos in the last two years of its launch from june 2008 there are many takers of Volvo B7R and B9R.

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Reader Feedback: Royal Cruiser Volvo

C) Royal Cruiser

1. Your name: Kanth
2. Route: Siliguri - Kolkata
3. Operator name: Royal Cruiser Travels
4. Bus brand: Volvo B7R
5. Month of travel: May 2009
6. Short experience:

Rating: Bus Interiors: 3.5/5; Bus Exteriors: 4/5; Crew Service Courtesy: 3.5/5; Drive experience: 2.5/5; In-bus Entertainment: 2/5;

From: Siliguri

To: Near Mayapur (some 2 hours before CCU)

Travel Time: Evening 6ish – 5ish morning (next day); Approx 11 hours

You will like: Only that you are riding on a Volvo. Baggage tags given.

You will dislike: The road condition between Siliguri and Calcutta and lack of proper in-bus entertainment.

Overall: I had a very unfortunate travel experience with RC. Booked seats on the first row and the harsh driving and breaking by the driver, I felt the necessity to wear seat belts. Even then it was discomforting considering the rash over taking, hard breaking, steep turns by the driver. He seems to be not trained by/at the Volvo facility. The NH was narrow and the driver’s arrogance only made the displeasure. Otherwise it was a nice experience and I wouldn’t mind traveling by RC again in future.

Tit Bits: Royal Cruiser is considered as a major operator of repute in WB. All drivers are dressed up in uniforms similar to airline pilots.

Disclaimer: My experience on that day could just be coincidental. Considering their reputation I would still recommend their service.

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Reader Feedback: Sree Kaleswari Travels

Sree Kaleswari Travels

Pic from zadeus

1. Your name: Kanth
2. Route: Bangalore - Vijayawada
3. Operator name: Sree Kaleswari Travels (SK)
4. Bus brand: Volvo 9400 6x2
5. Month of travel: November 2009
6. Short experience:

Rating: Bus Interiors: 4.75/5; Bus Exteriors: 4.5/5; Crew Service Courtesy: 4.75/5; Drive experience: 4.5/5; In-bus Entertainment: 4/5;

From: Kalasipalya Bus stand

To: Varadhi Junction, VJA

Travel Time: 1800 hrs – 0600 (next day); 12 hours; Break Time: 30 mins;

You will like: Crew’s punctuality sense, bus inside and outside cleanliness, livery and interiors. Booking experience online.

You will dislike: If you had a wrong choice seat choice, except for your seat you will not dislike anything else.

I later understood the commercial aspect here. When we started in CHN the occupancy was 50 % and by the time I got down in VJA the bus was running with full load. Even when some willing extra passengers volunteered to travel in cabin the driver promptly said no. To make the utmost profit out of every sector that they operate these buses should run with a minimum of 75% occupancy. This was ensured by the company even on a Wednesday.

Overall: Considering this was my first B9R experience and previous pleasant experiences with SK, I was looking forward for an exciting journey and Sree Kaleswari lived upto the excitement and did not disappoint me as before.

Tit Bits: SK recently rented a huge (read huge) space for it’s own bus stand in the heart of VJA (near Benz Circle). It has moved there recently from it’s own Petrol Station cum bus-stand close to this current place. The SK bus-stand has all comforts for the passengers viz., proper waiting area, parking area, ticket booking facility, snacks stall with working refrigerators. We have to note a point here that SK is ISO certified operator.

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Reader Feedback: Kaveri Kamakshi Travels

From our reader Kanth (Chennai)

Hi Bunny Punia,

First congrats on your blog gaining wide popularity (noticed that RedBus featured TravelbyVolvo survey recently). I came across a post asking for feedback on Volvo operators that I have traveled recently. Came across your blog through Google and been following for few months.

Here’s my two-cents and hope it will add some colour to your blog. Also, I would be interested in learning a bit more about you.

A bit about myself:

I am Kanth living in Chennai basically from Andhra. As part of my job and lifestyle I make routine trips across and outside India. Pertaining to TravelByVolvo, I make regular trips between Chennai-Vijayawada and occasionally between CHN-BLR, BLR-VJA. I make sure that I travel by the best operators and buses. I share the same passion as you, Cars, Buses and travel. Here’s my experience so far and will post my upcoming Volvo experience (CHN-BLR).

A) Kaveri Kamakshi Travels
1. Your name: Kanth
2. Route: Chennai - Vijayawada
3. Operator name: Kaveri Kamakshi
4. Bus brand: Volvo 9400 6x2
5. Month of travel: March 2010
6. Short experience:

Rating: Bus Interiors: 5/5; Bus Exteriors: 5/5; Crew Service Courtesy: 4/5; Drive experience: 4/5; In-bus Entertainment: 4/5;

From: Chennai Koyambedu Private Operators Bus Stand

To: Ring Circle, NH 5, Vijayawada

Travel Time: 1730 – 0115 (next day); Approx 7.5 hrs; Break Time: Dinner 30 mins after Nellore;

You will like: Crew’s punctuality sense, bus inside and outside cleanliness, livery, interiors, a huge Sony LCD TV to show a movie in the front. The other screen (in the middle of the bus) was a normal China built Carbon over head video set. Booking experience online.

You will dislike: Enters every city on the way (Nellore, Ongole and Guntur) between CHN-VJA for boarding passengers. This is rather a disliking point as this being a CHN-VSKP service, consumes atleast 1-1.5 hrs extra for entering cities on the way.

I later understood the commercial aspect here. When we started in CHN the occupancy was 50 % and by the time I got down in VJA the bus was running with full load. Even when some willing extra passengers volunteered to travel in cabin the driver promptly said no. To make the utmost profit out of every sector that they operate these buses should run with a minimum of 75% occupancy. This was ensured by the company even on a Wednesday.

Overall: I have been longing to try out their service ever since I came to know that Kaveri Kamakshi launched operations. I personally liked the body work, livery, interiors of the bus not to mention the pretty female seated behind my seat. Overall a satisfactory and pleasant experience.

Tit bits: Sree Kaleswari Travels recently cut down it’s CHN-VJA services from 3 to 2 making room for Kaveri Kamakshi Travels. I sense a route sharing agreement between operators for better profits. SK also stopped it’s CHN-HYD service to make room for Dhanunjaya Travels. Either they must be sister concerns or operators must be following Airline’s foot steps to share sectors. CHN-VJA-VSKP is served only by SK, KK and Kesineni travels now.

Read more Reader feedbacks HERE

Reader feedback: KPN Volvo

From our reader Sridhar

1. Your name : Sridhar
2. Route : Bangalore - Chennai - Bangalore
3. Operator name : KPN Travels
4. Bus brand : B9R & Veera AC
5. Month of travel : May 2010
6. Short experience : Bangalore to Chennai was a B9R multi-axle bus. The ride was very comfortable. It was 2+2 seater and the fare was 620/- Bus Left Bangalore around 2.15 PM and was in Chennai by 8.15 PM. In between there were 2 stops one for 20 mins and other for 5 mins. It was a pleasant ride.

Return I booked for a 2+1 semi-sleeper Volvo KPN bus from Chennai to Bangalore. Bus was supposed to start at 10.45 PM. I opted for T-Nagar boarding point. When I reached the T-nagar boarding point at 10:15 PM I was told the bus broke down and I have to take a different bus from CCCBT. There was a mini bus that dropped us at CCCBT. When I reached the terminus the bus was almost full and I got a different seat and not the one I booked. Though it was semi-sleeper bus, it was not a Volvo bus. It was Ashok Leyland Veera AC bus. I paid more for this bus but ended up travelling in a non-volvo. Bus left Chennai at 11.15 PM and was in Bangalore by 6.15 PM. Ride was not very comfortable as compared to my onward trip which was in a B9R.

These private travels cheat people in the name of Volvo buses.

Read all reader feedback HERE

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roadlink India Volvo B7R crash pictures

My friend, Praveen Prakash Sathaye was traveling in RoadLink India's Volvo B7R from Chennai to Bangalore a few days back. At around 2am, the bus hit a trailer from behind at speeds of around 100km/h. Praveen was thrown out of the bus (he was sitting right behind the driver, non-window, seat no 3). Thankfully he didnt sustain serious injuries. The cleaner of the bus wasnt that lucky, as seen in the pictures.

Here are other crashes in the past
1. Sharma's Mercedes crash
2. KSRTC's fatal crash enroute Mangalore
3. KSRTC's fatal crash involving Infosys employees
4. KPN's Volvo B9R crash

Thursday, April 22, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Two Volvo B7R buses caught racing at 125km/h!


For all those who doubted the capabilities of the Volvo B7R bus, or those who thought these are limited to 103km/h as per the company’s website, here is an exclusive video, caught for the first time in India – video evidence of not one, but two 9400 series Volvo B7R buses racing on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.
Finally after repeated attempts, I managed to catch these buses, belonging to MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation-blue color) and A.P (Andhra Pradesh-white color) tourism, racing towards Mumbai, from Pune one fine morning.
The video is quite long but sit patiently and watch the whole action. There are numerous times when my Xylo’s speedometer showed 124-126km/h, with these buses right in front of me. Speeds of 110-115km/h were common.
Also note the starting of the video. I was cruising at 90-95km/h when I happened to see the buses approach in my RVM. That is when I switched on my mobile camera for evidence. I pity those passengers in the two buses!!

And we thought only private operators indulged in such dangerous antics on the highways...
Feel free to comment..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

MSRTC Shivneri Volvo B7R : Video on Mumbai-Pune expressway

I have in the past uploaded a lot of videos of Volvo as well as other buses. See THIS VIDEO where the bus is seen doing 118km/h!

Recently, I took another video of the MSRTC Shivneri Volvo B7R bus. This time though it was cruising sedately at around 105-106km/h.

For more videos, see my Youtube Playlist

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feedback from readers needed

Did you recently experience travel in any of these buses?

1. Volvo B7R / B9R
2. Mercedes
3. Isuzu
4. Corona
5. TATA Hispano

If yes, we would be glad to know your feedback and experience about the bus as well as the operator. It will probably take you just five minutes but will end up helping and guiding thousand of readers here.

Just mail us your experience at Do include the following
1. Your name
2. Route
3. Operator name
4. Bus brand
5. Month of travel
6. Short experience

We will post your feedback in the relevant section and update you on the same via an Email.


You can read various experiences here
1. Neeta
2. VRL

Read all Reader Feedbacks HERE

Friday, April 9, 2010

Eagle travel's Delhi - Ahmedabad - Delhi Volvo starts

This was one route that was always on my radar to put a Volvo bus someday on..... Guess, i will still have to wait for a few more years before being able to realise my dream. Anyways, Eagle Corporate, the Gujarat based bus operator has recently started its Volvo B7R service on the Delhi to Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad to Delhi route.

From Delhi, the bus leaves at 6:00pm whereas from Ahmedabad, the Volvo leaves at 2:00pm.
The fare for seat is Rs 900 whereas the fare for sleeper berth is Rs 1,200.
These are 2x1 kind of sleeper berths meaning you have enough place for sleeping.
For more, log onto REDBUS for ticket booking

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KSRTC Airavat Volvo experience : Bangalore to Pune route

After taking the MSRTC Shiveri Volvo from Pune to Davanagere (read HERE), I took KSRTC's Airavat Volvo back to Pune. The booking was done online and I had to pay the complete Bangalore-Pune fare for my Davanagere-Pune journey - Rs 923. I got seat no 1 : my favorite seat.

Although the ticket mentioned the departure time to be 7:35pm, having taken this bus on numerous occasions, I knew it wouldnt come before 8:00pm. And i was right - it came only at 8:15pm.
Being a weekday, the bus wasnt full. The good thing was that seat no 2 was empty which meant I had a relaxing time all the way to Pune. The bus took a 30min dinner break around 1hr from Davanagere. On the way, it got into the towns of Hubli and Belgaum, there by losing around 30min. Operators like VRL and Sharma dont do this.
According to my GPS, the driver kept the bus around the 85-90km/h - i have noticed this on earlier occasions as well.
The good thing about KSRTC as compared to VRL and Sharma is that they enter Pune city. I was dropped off at Swargate bus station at 5:15am, ie, it took us 9 hours for the journey including getting into Hubli and Belgaum as well as a dinner stop. Quite decent.
Another good thing was that unlike my past experience with VRL and Sharma, the driver and conductor were quite, not talking and thus not disturbing the passengers.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

MSRTC Shivneri Pune to Bangalore Volvo experienced

A few days back we told you about MSRTC Shivneri's new Volvo service to Bangalore from Pune - see HERE. Yesterday, ie, on the 3rd April I personally took the bus to get a first hand experience.

The bus from Pune leaves at 5:30pm from Swargate. Contrary to the usual Pune-Mumbai Shivneri bus service, this one wasnt on time. Below are my pointers
1. The bus left at 6:00pm - 30min late
2. There was too much confusion. 5-6 officials - some trying to identify all baggage with tags, some checking tickets, some helping walk in passengers etc. And the same thing again by other officials. MSRTC should learn a thing or two from KSRTC.
3. The bus took 10 hrs for Pune to Davanagere : 1 to 1.5 hrs more than other operators I have taken till date
4. The above point was due to the bus entering three cities - Kolhapur, Belgaum and Hubli. While this might help in revenues, but on the other hand, it just makes the bus reach its final destination, ie, Bangalore late.
5. The drivers werent really good - hard acceleration, hard braking and so on. Too many 'jhatkas' on the way

The good point
1. The bus was half empty so I later went to the rear and slept peacefully
2. However the point above (sleep) didnt last long. Due to constant entering into cities, all of us were constantly being disturbed
3. Normal buses dont enter Davanagere - this one did :)

Overall, i wouldnt take this service next time. I am ok with paying a hundred bucks extra on other operators to reach my destination earlier.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

UPSRTC Volvo bus service

UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) has taken the right step to introduce Volvo B7R service on various routes. These are:

1. Lucknow to Allahabad
Departure: 8:00 / 9:00 / 13:00 / 18:30
Ticket price: Rs 277

2. Allahabad to Lucknow
Departure: 8:00 / 13:00 / 15:00 / 18:30
Ticket price: Rs 277

3. Lucknow to Varanasi
Departure: 8:00
Ticket price: Rs 417

4. Varanasi to Lucknow
Departure: 15:00
Ticket price: Rs 417

5. Lucknow to Agra
Departure: 8:00 / 20:00
Ticket price: Rs 527

6: Agra to Lucknow
Departure: 8:00 / 20:00
Ticket price: Rs 527

7: Lucknow to Delhi
Departure: 19:30
Ticket price: Rs 701

8: Delhi to Lucknow
Departure: 19:45
Ticket price: Rs 701

More information can be had at

Follow this blog - use the link in the right side verticle bar

VRL Multi-axle Volvo B9R: Bangalore to Pune route experience

Read my onward journey experience HERE which really wasnt good. I had again booked my return ticket through on VRL's Multi-axle B9R Volvo and though it said the bus would leave at 9:15pm, it only left Davanagere at 9:50pm, a full 35min late. The worst was however yet to come. One of the passengers was sitting on the co-driver's seat and even when the TV was shut off, they were constantly chatting loudly. At Hubli, during fuel fill-up, I requested the driver not to talk anymore as it was disturbing my sleep. However, at Hubli, one more person joined them and the talks continued. Isnt VRL aware of all this? Are we paying a thousand bucks to listen to driver and passengers talk at night? Ultimately, I had to get up from my front seat, go to the last row and sleep.

I was dropped off at Katraj bypass at 6:20am. Overall, good bus quality, but the overall experience was let down by the timing and driver's attitude. It seems i will stop taking VRL's services from next time onwards.

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VRL Multi-axle Volvo B9R: Pune to Bangalore route experience

I had in the past written about my experience with VRL Volvo and as evident, havent really been very happy. I took their services yet again on the 11th of March for my frequent travel to Davanagere from Pune. For this, I booked myself on the 7pm Multi-axle Volvo via

I booked seat no 3 (left row, non-window). The bus was scheduled to arrive at Katraj at 7pm and it did. However, like my previous experiences, it left the place only after 40min at 7:40pm. All this time, the passengers who had boarded at Mumbai had to be sit inside only, killing time by doing nothing. When the bus did start, two girls, seated on seat numbers 4 and 5 requested the driver to wait for just 5 mins as they had to hand over some documents to a friend. But the ignorant driver did not respond and just drove on. How shitty is that now? VRL can waste 40min doing nothing but loading parcel boxes but cant wait for 5 mins when a passenger requests??

We took a dinner break after Satara. Driver change happened somewhere enroute and the second driver was driving very fast. Infact, sometimes he was rash, braking hard and going through the bad roads between Haveri and Davangere very fast, shaking up everyone. Why do they need to do this? I really appreciate Sharma Volvo for they are quite cool through bad roads and drive fast, but in a seamless manner.

I was dropped off at Davanagere bypass at 4:20am. The return journey too was by VRL - a bad choice as i found out. Review coming up next!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

SVR Volvo (Hyderabad to Mumbai) caught doing 100+

In the recent past, I have posted a lot of videos of Volvo as well as other buses doing high speeds. See my video library -

Recently while traveling to Mumbai from Pune, I caught the SVR Volvo B7R, going to Mumbai from Hyderabad, doing 100km/h+.

Enjoy the video and dont forget to check out my previous video of the Volvo B7R doing 118km/h HERE

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pune to Bangalore MSRTC Shivneri Volvo starts

MSRTC has started its Shivneri Volvo service on the Pune - Bangalore sector from 18th February. One can make online booking at -
Initially, MSRTC will only operate the Volvo B7R on this route and later will add Mercedes Benz buses too.
The fare will be Rs 900, which is very competitive. Other operators like VRL and Sharma are charging anywhere from Rs 950 to Rs 1050. The Shivneri Volvo will leave Swargate depot at 5:30pm, reaching Bangalore at 8:45am the next day. The same bus will leave Bangalore at 6:15pm, reaching Pune the next day at 9:30am.

To book other bus tickets on various routes, we recommend REDBUS
Read my recent experience on this route HERE and HERE

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mumbai to Pune / Pune to Mumbai Shivneri volvo ticket booking online!

This was long due. Finally, online ticket booking for Mumbai - Pune / Pune - Mumbai MSRTC Shivneri Volvo buses has started.

Log onto
To book other bus tickets on various routes, we recommend REDBUS

These are the best option to travel between these two cities. In addition, you can also book tickets on other MSRTC routes on non a/c buses as well.

You might also be interested in seeing the MSRTC Shivneri Volvo do almost 120km/h! See THIS LINK

Mercedes launched multi axle bus in India

Ok, i know this is coming very late, but here is more dope on Mercedes Benz's rival to the Volvo B9R multi-axle bus. Mercedes Benz, though are the leaders in luxury buses in the world, havent really been doing well in India with their luxury long distance bus (see HERE)

The new Mercedes multi-axle bus was launched at the Auto Expo in New Delhi. They call it the 3-axle coach. Powered by the Euro III engine, the Mercedes-Benz 3-axle coaches are capable of delivering high performance, powerful torque output and a good fuel economy. The rear engine with 6 vertical cylinders, turbo charged and intercooled engine delivers 1200 Nm torque at a low rpm of 1400-1600. The smart suspension system is equipped a lifting mechanism that allows the chauffer to lift the height of the coach when the road conditions are bad.

The Mercedes-Benz coach is designed for the highest levels of safety and stability at even high speeds. The coach comes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) that accentuates safety of the vehicle as a whole. Hoping to take a ride in one of these some day!

Click HERE to book tickets on this bus now

VRL travels introduces new Volvo B9R multi-axle buses

Hubli based VRL Travels, one of the biggest bus travel operators in South India recently picked up a lot of new Volvo B9R multi-axle buses. The last we heard, they purchased 8 of these, all in yellow color, with numberings (to identify the buses) in the form of alphabets.

I recently took their Mumbai to Bangalore B9R for my trip to Davanagere from Pune. This bus leaves Sion at 3pm, reaching Katraj at7pm. Though the bus arrived on time, it just stood there for 45mins, putting in courier boxes to be delivered in Bangalore. This was very irriating.

The bus however is the epitome of luxury travel in India. On the way, I even sat at the co-driver's seat, chatting with the driver about the new features. As the bus was new, Volvo had electronically controlled the top speed to 100km/h. The B9R has a cruise control in addition to height adjustment and traction control too. The driver was making full use of the cruise control and cruising at 100km/h. Only on downhill sections was the bus going above 100km/h. I was told, once the engine has run-in properly, the cruise control will be removed and the bus will easily do 120km/h.

The Katraj (Pune) to Davanagere trip, around 580km, was done in 9 hours including a dinner break and a fuel stop. I paid Rs 950 for the ticket (Pune-Bangalore is Rs 1,000). Overall, a satisfying trip with the only issue being the long wait at Katraj.

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Click HERE to book tickets on this bus now