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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Parveen travels gets first Mercedes Multi-axle bus

Remember our spy shot of the new Mercedes Mult-axle bus (READ) ? South India bases Parveen travels is now the first owner of the same bus. This new bus hallmarks of the Mercedes brand: highest standards of safety, comfort and technology. They offer unparallaled value offering to customers due to their optimized cost of ownership, toughness and durability as well as reliability.
The Mercedes Multi-axle buses are built on the robust Mercedes chassis O 500 RSD 2436. These buses have been optimized to suit the needs of Parveen Travels. The buses sport suave exteriors, plush and airy interiors, well designed passenger seats and thoughtful amenities like personalised speakers, lights and AC controls.
Powered by the Euro III engine, the buses are capable of delivering high performance, powerful torque output and a good fuel economy. Their rear engines with 6 vertical cylinders, turbo charged and intercooled engine deliver 1200 Nm torque at a low rpm of 1400-1600. The smart suspension system of these buses is equipped a lifting mechanism that allows the chauffer to increase the height of the bus when the road conditions are demanding.

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KSRTC: Single driver scheme results in an accident

In December 2008, we had put a post about untrained drivers driving KSRTC Volvos - READ. Recently, the same transport undertaking's Volvo met with an accident, which could have been a deadly one. Why - KSRTC decided to run its B7R Airavat on the Hyderabad - Bangalore route with just one driver one board.
We believe due to fatigue, the driver couldn't pay attention on the road ahead. Here is Mr Sanram's account - a passenger on the same bus

Hi all,
I have escaped a near fatal incident yesterday night, which could have been easily avoided.

Details: KSRTC volvo Airavat from hyderbad to bangalore, start:20.00hrs from JBS.
Single driver. Around 3am, we were woken up by two forceful jolts. The confused passengers could smell diesel, and heard words, "get down" and "diesel leak". And while getting down, we saw diesel flowing under our feet. By the time everyone got down, the tank was empty, and bus was in a pool of diesel.

Reasons: The driver didn't take the necessary diversion, and went above the big boulders on the blocked road. Not sure if there was any road divert sign board. within the 40 min desperate wait for reaching help from KSRTC depot, we saw all other buses,cars correctly taking the diversion. It is said that the driver was new to this route. One small spark while braking would have been sufficient to burn us all with the 200litres odd capacity of the fuel tank.
Finally we had stopped a passing by Rajahamsa bus, which happened to be empty enough to accomodate us all.

Since we had an escape, this incident might not be reported anywhere, but we the passengers know that we had such a close encounter, and just feel lucky for being alive.
1.So isnt it the KSRTC's resposnibilty to properly train/guide about the route?
2. Had there been co-driver, there are much chances of spotting the whole road blocked with big boulders, in case one of them just didnt notice due to any reasons.

Why not follow all safety rules, instead of condemning, inquiring, and giving compensation after the such fatal incidents happen?

KSRTC has often been priased for its customer service and buses. But events like these don't really go well with their reputation.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

UPSRTC Volvo : New timings and fare

UPSRTC's Volvo has been getting a very favorable response from users. Though we believe the routes remain same, the frequency of buses running on this route has increase.
WWW.Abhibus.COM has the complete booking arrangement for UPSRTC's Volvo as well as other buses including the sleeper ones. Log in for more information.

KSRTC to purchase 10 Volvo B9R buses


KSRTC is known for its huge fleet of Volvo B7R buses. After the successful trial of the multi-axle or the B9R Volvos, the state government has decided to go ahead with the order of ten brand new B9Rs.
The main advantage is that the B9R, due to its added length can carry eight more passengers - a total of 53 as compared to 45 for the B7R. However it should be noted that private operators are running their B9Rs with one row less or 49 seats, hence increasing leg space.

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