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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sharma Volvo : Davangere to Mumbai route experience

Sharma Volvo : On the Bangalore-Mumbai Volvo

I often go to Davanagere in Karnataka. While going from Mumbai, i take the KSRTC volvo, but while coming I take the Sharma (sometimes the VRL).
I have taken the Sharma Volvo (the Bangalore to Mumbai volvo) from Davanagere on occasions like
1. 31st May 2007 : 6pm
2. 14th June 2007 : 6pm
3. 5th July 2007 : 6pm
4. 15th Aug 2007 : 9pm
5. 27th Oct 2007 : 6pm
and many more times..

The distance from Davanagere to Mumbai is around 750km, but i stay in Navi Mumbai (around 720km). The bus takes 12.5hrs for this 720km trip, out of which around 75km are in bad shape. There is a 45min dinner stop, a 15min petrol stop at night. The bus usually keeps around 100-105km/h on the speedometer. On 15th August 2007 for example, the bus left Davanagere by 9:15pm, arrived New Mumbai at 9:45am. We had two railway crossings to negotiate plus due to rains, the driver took it slow on the highway and so I guess, normally, the bus must be reaching New Mumbai usually by 9am. The ticket was for 850 bucks and as I had booked the ticket 4 days in advance, I was lucky enough to get seat No 1. This seat is right behind the driver, and u can actually see the speedometer console shadow in the window next to the seat (on the right). The best seat for overnight trips. The bus seemed quite new, very less noise and vibs inside the cabin. On the move, I just couldnt make out if the engine was running. Volvos do cost a bomb, but are worth it. Absolutely fantastic.


ramanan said...

I usually travel by Sharma Travels from Mumbai to Bangalore on the way to Chennai, since 1990. Only a couple of occasion I travelled by VRL and National Travels on this route, otherwise I am very much impressed and happy with the Sharma Travels' services and punctuality. They never waste any travelling time, by stopping unnecessary stoppages in between. When they started Volvo services on these route, I took my family, (my wife, 2 young daughters)by this bus only to Bangalore and from there to chennai (by train from Bangalore). The journey was superb and I have even captured the trip from sion circle to pune on my handycam. we boarded around 12 noon at Sion circle , after the bus stopped for 15 minutes at Vashi, for boarding some passengers and it took the palm beach road to reach CBD Belapur and straight it stopped before Khalapur for petrole filling and for snacks and next halt was at Pune at around 3.45 pm. We had snacks and after 30 minutes halt it started again and the next stop was around 5.45 near a small hotel for refresh only for 10 minutes and it halted at Belgaum only in the night at 9.30 pm and left at 10.10 pm. When we wake up in the morning around 6.30, we have already crossed Tumkur border and at around 8 am we reached Bangalore. So, it took hardly 18 hours from Mumbai to Bangalore. This journey we had on 23.4.2005, after that every two months I had travelled in their volvo bus to and fro from Bangalore to Mumbai , vice versa. My wishes and request is why don't they start a volvo sleeper coach on these route. R anybody is there to take my suggestion?
Venkat Iyer,
Mulund, MUmbai

Anonymous said...

I have travelled to davanagere from mumbai many times by VRL and sharma volvo buses. The sharma experience has been very bad. The drivers and cleaners are a bunch of hulligans .They ask for money when they load or unload the suitcases and dont know how to talk.Its a worst and unprofessional company.
Comparitavely VRL scores much better .Their staff is courteous and well mannered .They are very punctual .