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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hyundai Travels : Pune to Udaipur / Udaipur to Pune

While searching for more long distance buses from Pune, I happened to know about this. Hyundai travels operates a Non Volvo service from Pune to Nathdwara via Mumbai and Udaipur.

This bus leaves Pune (D.P road) at 3pm and reaches Udaipur the next day by around 11am or so. They dont claim the bus to be airconditioned, but the bus does have an A/C. What they say is that sometimes it doesnt work and hence they dont promise A/C services. The fare for sleeper is around Rs 900, and for the seater is around Rs 700.

The bus is also said to have a toilet on board! It has a mix of seating as well as sleeping (all 2*1)
The bus bypasses Mumbai and goes via Ghatkopar and hence is able to reach Udaipur by around 11amish.

Contact Details
Pune : Karan travels - 020-26121244
Udaipur : 09352524253


guddu said...

I think NEETA VOLVO is one of the best travel service provider in the country, but unfortunately their agents at lot of pick up points are becomming so irresponsible that they can put the passenger into a wrong bus which harases the passenger.

For recent example a passenger was to board the bus from pune to borivili at 6.15 am today on 22nd march 2008 and the agent put the person in the bus which were going to shirdi, when the passenger saw the bus going on the wrong track, then it was told that that was a rout to shirdi. The passenger was dropped on the other pickup point from where another bus was to come to borivili and finally the right bus was taken.
This is a regular practice happening at most of the pick up points which has started damaging the immage of the company and people have allredy started looking up to the alternatives to get a better service providers.


Worst... Buses are old drivers cleaner are to arrogant. One whom you can not speak to. they fill up the bus with hawkers (thats what the looked like).. make them to sit down in between) Seriously only plus point is that they have urinal in bus. But it is to much to risk for..... If you ask me to travel with them again its big no