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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Neeta Volvo

Neeta Volvo is a big name in West India. Based in Pune, this Volvo operator has one of the biggest fleet of Volvo B7R buses. Neeta Volvo came to fame with the running of Volvo B7R buses on the Mumbai to Pune and Pune to Mumbai route. Buses from the Mumbai side originate either from Boriveli or Dadar and end at Pune station and vice-versa. The frequency of buses from either end is the best.

However, the condition of buses is pathetic to say the least. Neeta Volvo has also gained a bad name when it comes to customer service including punctuality. For example, the Dadar bus (bound for Pune) doesnt start from Dadar main area (from where the Shivneri Volvo starts). Passengers are taken in a small bus to the main starting point. Then, Neeta Volvo usually has 12 or 13 rows of seats as opposed to say 11 for Shivneri Volvo. Plus, they tend to stop at every possible place to pick passengers. At an average, the time taken by Neeta Volvo from Dadar to Pune station is 4.5 hours, an hour more than Shivneri.

Neeta Volvo also runs on other routes like Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar, Pune to Nashik, Pune to Goa etc. Recently, Neeta became one of the first few Mercedes Benz bus customers in India.

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1 comment:

Chrisraff said...

I agree with you, Neeta Volvo has got from bad to worse,no one can complain to them about their service as they have little competitors, I travelled thrice by their volvo service on different routes, their service is very bad, they are rude and care less for the customers.