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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flying vs taking a Volvo : tempting cheap air tickets doing the trick

Although Volvo buses have really revolutionized the way we looked at bus travel in India but the fact is cheaper air tickets in the recent past has helped a lot of travelers. If booked in advance, you can almost fly to your destination in under two hours than take an 18 hour Volvo bus ride, that too at less than twice the amount!!

Here is an example. If you book a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore around 12-14 days in advance, you will get a ticket for around Rs 2100 only - source-! Whereas, the fare on a Mumbai to Bangalore Volvo is around Rs 1100 to Rs 1150 nowadays - and this is an 18 hour journey mind you!

So, if you are planning to visit Delhi from Jammu, or Ahmedabad from Pune, or Mangalore from Mumbai, just visit ANY AIR TICKET SITE.

There are good ticketing websites like YATRA, that can really help you arrange your travel in a faster way...



Anonymous said...

WHat the hell
are you giving up your blog
visitors of your blog are passionate volvo travellers and you are urging us to take air tickets. of course it may be a better option. but you should sell your idea of travelling by volvo rather than asking them to fly

. said...

Come on, i dont see any bad thing in this. I am just being REAL. This has happened with me (on the Pune-Ahmedabad route) and thought of sharing with u guys here too. In the end, i am just being good to my readers - be it from the volvo point of view or flying point of view

ss said...

Actually it depends on where you planning to travel .If operators time the departures smartly ,probably,one might even think of a bus/train ride.
If I am travelling to Mangalore,my first choice would obviously be the train given the comfort and the timings.
Second would be the bus.
Taking a flight would mean the 1 hour drive to the airport+atleast 1 hour in the airport +1.5 hours flight+2 hours to my home...which adds to about 6 hours +about 4k atleast .
taking a 3 tier AC ticket in an expess train is just 1100 +16 hours where i start in the evening and reach mangalore in the morning for breakfast.And if its the Garib Rath,its just 600rs for a 3 tier AC.

. said...

SS: as u said, yes, it depends on various factors - how early u book the ticket, if trains r available and how far u live from the airport. In my case, i had enough days to book the Pune-Ahm air ticket which was very cheap