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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

KSRTC to purchase 10 Volvo B9R buses


KSRTC is known for its huge fleet of Volvo B7R buses. After the successful trial of the multi-axle or the B9R Volvos, the state government has decided to go ahead with the order of ten brand new B9Rs.
The main advantage is that the B9R, due to its added length can carry eight more passengers - a total of 53 as compared to 45 for the B7R. However it should be noted that private operators are running their B9Rs with one row less or 49 seats, hence increasing leg space.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The 10 multi axles to arrive are going to be used in Mangalore-Bangalore route and the 10 Mercedes benz buses are going to ply from Mysore-Bangalore.
But on one condition whatever the new buses KSRTC buy they first make the bus to ply from Chennai-Bangalore via hosur. I don't know whether it is to show off and make fun on SETC's or to check the vehicles.
All the new buses right from Ashok leyland Luxura (given free for a trial run in 2005), Swaraj Mazda Isuzu (trial-run), Volvo Multi-axle (trial-run), Volvo 9400 are used atleast once in this sector.