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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Sharma Volvo B9R accident - this time at Haveri

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The Sharma Volvo B9R multi-axle accident at Davanagere isnt the only one. Another one happened at Haveri involving another Sharma Volvo B9R bus.
This accident occurred when the Bangalore bound Mumbai - Bangalore Sharma multi-axle Volvo bus tried to avoid the sudden entering of a three-wheeler. This made the driver loose control which resulted in the bus toppling over. This crash happened near Haveri around 8:00am .3 persons were said to have been found dead in this accident.

The Sharma Volvo B9R bus before the accident
Pic - Putta, Davanagere

The same bus after the accident |
Pic - Sunil Kumar

The same bus after the accident
Pic - Sunil Kumar

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Magazine Subscription said...

The dangerous part of the Volvo is that drivers are careless with the ease with which it drives itself.