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Friday, April 6, 2012

Olivea Volvo Bus review : fare and timings

Olivea did something that was bound to happen in the world of high end luxury Volvo buses in India. They rolled out an unique and new concept in this segment and choose to have the Volvo multi-axle buses as the best product for the new project.
Olivea Volvo buses can be considered as the best, most high-end and most luxurious way of traveling by buses in India, something that can easily match up to high end luxury cars and much better than flying, at a fraction of a cost.

Here are a few pointers on how the Olivea Volvo buses are different - a review of Olivea from our end
1. To start with, there are only 7 rows of seats in 2+1 configuration : this means extra knee and shoulder room
2. The buses are safe and secured with GPS enabled tracking system
3. The seats have 165 degree reclining with calf and lumbar support
4. Gourmet meals are offered in the bus. Also if the scheduled arrival in a city is early morning, you are given a small breakfast pack
5. There is wi-fi connectivity on board
6. The bus has individual 10 inch Plasma screens with pre loaded movies and LIVE channels
7. Olivea also offers check-in facility with lounge at 5 star hotels!
8. There is a washroom on board as well.
9. You are greeted with trained airline kind of hostess on board
10. You are simply pampered to the core.
11. There are no extra city or en-route stops which means the travel time is reduced considerably.

Olivea does charge a bomb for the services if you compare them with the conventional Volvo or Mercedes bus operators but a single glance on the 11 points above means they are well worth the extra dough!


Cristiano said...


I would like to know the brand of the interior of the buses purchased by Olivea. I wonder that the interior amenities were not all made by Volvo. Could you confirm this information to me, please? Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,


Sandeep Jakhar said...

the interiors are done by DC Designs... Dilip Chhabria

Possessed! said...

What they claim is not what you get. Its the most comfortable travel on road no doubt. But when I traveled there was no hostess (hardly matters), restroom "Not in Use", Wifi not working, air vents not closing.. Well, When u pay close to 4 times the other Volvo Multi-axles for only luxury, the least they could do it maintain the amenities properly..

Cristiano said...

Wow! Incredible how propaganda makes reality a paradise.

In Brazil Marcopolo showed wonderful pictures on their catalogue and web site. To see the finishing quality of their products live, then we see how life can be so ugly.

Thank you for advising!

Campo Grande, MS, Brazil

Bharat.N said...

It has been the worst experience of my life travelling with an operator ! My tickets from Chennai to Blr was cancelled as Bus had a technical snag and i was informed less than 12 hrs before start of journey !

The return was even worse..ended up in a bus that had no wifi, water in washroom, food that was not served hot... n nothig else working fine ! They even had a delalyed start of over 1 hour ! Not worth paying even 1/4th of the price..

Kavita said...

My experience with Olivea was terrible. They called me the day before the journey and informed me that they were not running the 'show' I was booked on. After exploring options with them, they agreed to put me on an earlier bus. Just before the bus departed, they informed us that the entertainment system was not working, and gave us coupons for INR 500 to be redeemed on future Olivea travel within a month. I assured them I would never be travelling by Olivea again, and definitely not within a month... and the response was 'no problem, you can give it to your friends'. And finally, the stench from the toilet was unbearable throughout the journey. I do not recommend Olivea. Stick to regular volvo semi-sleepers.

Pallab said...

As Possessed! earlier stated, what they claim is not what you get.

Being tempted by the pictures of the stunning interiors and great amneties, I booked a ticket for a Bang-Hyd bus set to depart on 1st July, 2012, on 25th June. However, two days before the journey I was informed that the trip that I booked didn't exist, and was promised an automated refund within ten days. Apparently, their website permitted bookings for non-existent trips!
The ten days went buy nothing happened. So, I wrote an email to Olivea, which went unanswered. The customer support numbers were also unresponsive. Finally, when I managed to reach the CS after numerous attempts, they asked me to wait for two more weeks. So, I waited. Again, nothing happened. The customer support kept stalling, and after trying in vain for several months, I simply gave up.
My Full Review of Olivea Travels:

Anonymous said...

I guess it is slightly over priced considering a flight would have the same facility with a lesser travelling period.
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Manivannan Shanmugam said...

Flight lesser time? True but for a person in South Bangalore, travelling to airport takes 2.5 hours, plus airport checkin, waiting etc (if to Chennai). Then from Chennai airport to your destination there (average of 1.5 hours). Including flying time and all it takes close to 6-7 hours + the triple time you need to pay for flight. For me this bus is better :)