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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Longest Volvo B7R routes in India

Volvo buses have been known to cover long distance fast, and even beat the trains when it comes to reaching first! Passengers are willing to pay as much as 1000 bucks for a 18-20hour journey...

Here is a list of some of the longest routes on which the B7R runs

Bangalore-Vizag : 1015
Bangalore-Shirdi : 1040
Chennai-Vizag : 810
Mumbai-Mangalore : 993
Mumbai-Bangalore : 998
Mumbai-Hyderabad : 711
Mumbai-Udaipur : 800
Pune-Ahmedabad : 880
Vizag-Kolkata : 880
Goa-Ahmedabad : 1050


Priya said...

Hi, i would like to know a fare from Mumbai to Hyderabad return by Sleeper AC volvo. Can you please advise who and where to contact for reservations.

. said...

Hi Priya,
There are no sleeper volvos on this route. The sleeper ones are Indian non a/c buses (not recommended).
You however have a choice of semi-sleeper volvo bus.

Jabbar, HKB, Kesineni are the options.
Contact Kesineni at

alternatively, if u r in mumbai, these operators have their offices at Sion, Chembur, Vashi etc

sachin said...

hai, iwould like to know whether there is volvo busses from velacherry( thambaram route, chennai) to eranakulam (kerala). if there is busses , please give details of the timings, fares, routes and where to contact.

Anonymous said...

I have booked a ticekt from Mumbai- Goa via Konduskar Volvo. Dont know what kind of quality of travel will they offer ticket is more than 1000 bucks (incl taxes). Is it semi sleeper ?? Any one alrdy travelled on the route may help pls.

Anonymous said...

Rs 1000 is too much! Konduskar is generally known to be a good operator

Anonymous said...

Heard news that APSRTC volvo coach between Kolkaata and Vizag is discontinued ? Is this correct? Anyone else operates on Kolkatta-Vizag??

ss said...

Isnt Bangalore-Mumbai 1100 kms one of the longest routes as well.

KSRTC operates a B7R service from Kanjangud in Kerala from Mumbai .This is via Mangalore,Kasargod.So,I think if this service exists,then its one of the longest for sure

. said...

SS: Mumbai to Bangalore is 1000-1040 depending from where the bus leaves in Mumbai.
The Kerala-Mumbai KSRTC B7R is non operational

Ashwath said...

yes, APSRTC Kolkota- Vizag Volvo service is discontinued
KSRTC has added
Mysore - Pune - 980kms
Mangalore - Hyderabad - 890kms

APSRTC has added
Kakinada - Bangalore - 80kms

Deepak S said...

KSRTC Mangalore-Hyderabad details are as follows:
Service 1601MNGHYD, departs M'lore, udupi & Kundapura repectively at 16:00, 17:15 & 18:00 hrs respectively and scheduled time of reaching HYD is around 10:00 hrs.
Return Service 1705HYDMNG leaves Hyderabad around 17:00 hours, with a dinner break at Raichur around 21:00-21:30 hours reaches Udupi / Mangalore at 9:30 / 10:45 hrs.

Santosh said...


I would like to know if there is any fare from Kolhapur/Sangli to Cochin (or any cities in Kerla)

Anonymous said...

I think we have a winner here. Kesineni's Hyd-Ernakulam around 1100 Km.

Anonymous said...

U have to add Hyderabad-Ernakulam route happens to be 1098 Kms

U Kumar said...

Hi, The longest routes in country is currently now operated by VRL Travels. They ply Multi Axle Volvos on the following routes:-

Bangalore - Ahmedabad (via Pune, Mumbai, Vadodara) which comes to 1500 km!


Chennai - Mumbai (via Bangalore, Pune) which comes to 1350 km!

There might not be any competition for these soon! And that more than 24 hour journey!

servantkris said...

All those are very old figures.

Now Kesineni operates Hyderabad to Trivendrum, and Hyderabad to Nagarcoil. They cover the distance not more than 19 hours. I guess this is the competition for vrl.

Anonymous said...

VRL is the record breaker with Bangalore <-> Ahmedabad about 1600kms. Takes 28Hrs of travel time. Two of them departs from both ends everyday.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed....vrl rocks!!!!!!!

Kiran said...

Yet again :D VRL announces the record breaking Bangalore <-> Jodhpur (via Ahmedabad, Pali) on a b11r. 1900kms. what a news!!!

Followed by SRS introducing Bangalore <-> Jodhpur & Bangalore <-> Rajkot.


Anonymous said...


U Kumar said...

All records broken Guys. VRL now operate the second longest bus route in Asia.
Bangalore to Jodhpur covering 1950 Kms!!! A feather in the cap for VRL with good demand seen over the past one month.
2 set of drivers change at Mumbai. A total of 37 hrs journey!!!. The charges are as of now Rs 3000.
I don't think that this wont be broken anytime soon.

pradiptapaikaray said...

hi good evening,i am very glad to get the information regarding 10 longest bus routes in india.this is a general knowledge for stutents.please specify the fare of different routes.thanks a lot.

yoge3939 said...

Now the longest route is from Jodhpur to Bangalore which is approximately 2000 Kms.