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Monday, June 18, 2007

Volvo timings and fare from Mumbai to other cities

Mumbai to Bangalore

Raj National Express service:
First point in Mumbai: 1:00pm - Boriveli
Last point in Mumbai: 2:15pm - Chembur
Arrives Bangalore: 8:30am
Price: Rs 995 including taxes.
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KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation):
First point in Mumbai: 3:00pm - Mumbai central
Last point in Mumbai: 4:00pm - Vashi
Arrives Bangalore: 9:00am
Price: 1013 including taxes.
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First point in Mumbai: 3:30pm - Boriveli
Last point in Mumbai: 4:30pm - Vashi
Arrives Bangalore: 9:30am
Price: 1013 including taxes.
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VRL travels :
Departures Mumbai: 10:00am/2:00pm/7:00pm - Hotel Gokul, Boriveli
Price: 1000 including taxes.
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Sharma Volvo:
First pick up in Mumbai: Gokul Hotel, Boriveli West : 10:00am/1:00pm/ 3:00pm
Yogi Hotel, Chembur: Vashi Junction: 12:15pm/-- / 05:00pm
Vashi Junction: -- / 11:00am / --
Arrives Bangalore: Kalasipalyam : 07:00am/11:00am / 1:00pm
Price: Rs 1,020
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Sharma Volvo (Sion..)
Dena Bank, Sion : 7:00pm
Vashi : 7:45pm
Bangalore : Kalasipalyam : 3:00pm
Price: Rs 1,020
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Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Eagle Volvo
First point in Mumbai: 6:45pm/8:15pm/12:15pm - Eagle travel agency, Grant Road East
Last point in Mumbai : 9:15pm/10:30pm/2:45pm - Kashmira, opp police station.
Arrival at Ahmedabad : 7:00am/9:00am/1:00am - Navchetan high school
Price : Rs 600 including taxes
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Eagle Non Volvo, Non-A/c
First point in Mumbai: 7:30pm - Eagle travel agency, Grant Road East
Last point in Mumbai : 9:45pm - Boriveli, National Park
Arrival at Ahmedabad : 7:30am - Navchetan high school
Price : Rs 450 including taxes
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Raj National Express (Tata Globus)
First point in Mumbai: 9:00pm/10:00pm/11:00pm - Bandra
Last point in Mumbai: 9:45pm/10:45pm/11:45pm - Boriveli
Arrives Vadodra : 7:00am/8:00am/9:00am - Jetalpur road
Arrives Ahmedabad : 9:00am/10:00am/11:00pm - Wide Angel
Price : Rs 523 including taxes
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Neeta Volvo
First point in Mumbai : 8:00pm/9:00pm - Neeta Volvo office, Vashi
Last point in Mumbai : 11:00pm/11:25pm - Shivaji Statue, Kashmira
Arrives Surat : 3:30am/4:30am - Kamraj Chowkdi
Arrives Bharuch : 5:00am/6:00am - Highway
Arrives Vadodra : 7:00am/8:00am - Kala Ghoda, ST stand
Arrives Ahmedabad : 8:00am/9:00am - CTM Geeta Madir, Paladi
Price : N/A
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Mumbai to Goa

Raj National Express Volvo
First point in Mumbai: 8:00pm - Borivali
Last point in Mumbai: 9:30pm - Chembur
Arrives Goa: 0730am - Panaji
Price: 730 including taxes
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Neeta Volvo
First point in Mumbai: 7:00pm/8:00pm - Borivali
Last point in Mumbai: 9:30pm/10:30pm - Neeta Volvo Office, Vashi
First point in Goa: 7:00am/8:00am - Panjim
First point in Goa 7:30am/8:30am - Mapsa
First point in Goa 8:15am/9:15am - Madgaon
Price: NA/600 (including taxes)
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Konduskar Volvo
Departs: 7:30pm
Arrives: 10:00am
Price: 600 including taxes
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Paulo Travels Volvo
Type: Volvo Economy/Business/Late night Seater/L.N Sleeper/L.N Seater/L.N Sleeper
Departs: 5:00pm/5:00pm/7:30pm/7:30pm/8:00pm/8:00pm
Arrives: 6:30am/6:30am/7:30am/7:30am/8:00am/8:00am
Price: 500/600/600/700/600/700 (including taxes)
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Modern Travels Volvo
Type: Volvo Semi Sleeper/Seater
First point in Mumbai: 5:30pm/5:30pm- Hotel Gokul, Borivali (w)
Last point in Mumbai: 8:15pm/8:15pm - Modern Lunch Home, Sion (w)
Arrives Goa: 7:30am - Mapsa
Price: 600/500 (including taxes)
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Mumbai to Udaipur

Eagle travels Volvo
First point in Mumbai: 12:30pm/6:00pm/5:45pm/5:45pm - Grant Road East
Last point in Mumbai: 2:30pm/NA/ 8:00pm / NA- National Park, Boriveli
Arrival in Udaipur : 2:00am/ 7:00am / 7:00am/7:30am : Maharashtra Bank, Hotel Raj
Price: Rs 900/900/900/800 (including taxes)
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rk said...

Great information! thanks!

I'm actually looking to travel Volvo from Mumbai to Mangalore and for some reason it's not covered....

If you have off-hand info about any Volvo operators for this rout, would you be able to post it please?

Thanks again :)

. said...

KSRTC has a bus from Mumbai to Mangalore. It leaves Vashi at 3:45pm. i cant remember if it originates from Mumbai Central or Boriveli. But there is a bus for sure. The fare is app 1000 bucks.
You may get in touch with any booking agent in chembur/vashi/central and they will tell u from where it originates.

The bus passes thru pune-belgaum and leaves the bangalore highway at Hubli

OC said...

Thats a n unusually helpful blog. keep up the good work. I clicked on your right side link ;)

. said...

Thanks :)

rk : Mahabaleshwara as well as canara pinto also have Volvos on this route. Exact timings will be available with agents. however they all leave in evenings and arrive early mornings. Fares range from 900 to 1000 depending on season

Kana said...

MSRTC volvos are the best when it comes to travelling from Pune to Mumbai & vice versa. As MSRTC is a government organisation. The travel time is extremely less. I have been travelling for the past 5 years from Pune to Mumbai. I have travelled pretty much in all private,govt volvos and only MSRTC is the best out of them. DOnt even get me started on Neeta travls, their buses are horrible, stinky and never clean. Their drivers are rude and disgusting. And Neeta buses travel all over Pune and then all over Mumbai. Their seats are cramped and load blaring music adds a lot to your discomfort.

On the other hand the MSRTC buses rarely play any music, if played the volume is extreme low. A typical travel time from Pune to Dadar hovers around 2.45 hours to 3.30 hours depeneding on traffic. I love travelling in these buses as they are clean and drivers are govt employees so are trained. Not like private bus drivers who seem to be driving trucks.

Poorva said...

Hi. I wanted to know about the Bangalore-Shirdi bus route. Can you please tell me how many and which type of buses are available on that route. Also, the fare and time taken to reach there from Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

KSRTC has 1PM Volvo leaving from the main majestic terminal. It reaches Shirdi by approx 9-9:30am the next day.
The fare is Rs 1060

Poorva said...

Thanks a lot!! That was a big help.

Anonymous said...

I want to know MSRTC bus timings from mumbai to hyderabad....n fare too....

here on the blog timings are given only for hyd - mum route.....!!!!

. said...

Mumbai to Hyderabad:

There are lot of operators on this route running Volvos

1. AP Tourism. Dep:3Pm, Arr:6am. Ticket: Rs 865
2. AP Tourism. Dep5am, Arr:7:45am. Ticket: Rs 865
3. Sree Kaleshwari. Dep: 3pm, Arr:6:15am. Ticket: 850
4. SVR, Dep: 5pm, arr:9:30am, Ticket: 800

and many more

Sergey said...

That's quite a useful page, but...
We are coming to Mumbai international airport at 10-35 p.m. on Saturday, 8th of November. What are the chances to catch the late bus to Goa? How long does it take to get to the last departure point in Mumbai? What about the place availability?
We wouldn't like to stay the whole day in Mumbai. What are the options?

. said...

sergey : u wont be able to take the night bus. The last bus passes from outside the airport area at around 8:30pm
U will have to stay the night, and then take the next night's volvo.

Or, u can go to pune for the night (probably take a shared taxi from outside mumbai airport) and reach pune by 1am or so. Stay the day in pune and catch the 8pm / 9pm volvo to Goa from pune also

Anonymous said...

my agent in dombivli has taken advance saying that he has booked tickets from vashi to mangalore for 24th dec 2008 by a/c volvo bus of sharma travels and which originates from sion and comes to vashi at 1 p.m. but when i opened the site of sharma transports i don't see any buses from vashi to mangalore.

. said...

Hi. As far as i can remember, sharma doesnt have a volvo to mangalore. only mahabaleshwara / ksrtc and one more operator has it.
check for more - call their head office and lodge a complain about the agent. all the best!

ramanan said...

Hi, Sharma doesn't have a bus for Mangalore from Mumbai, but they have plenty to Bangalore. And about Neeta Buses, it is true, their buses are very unclean and bad smeel come out of it.. the drivers and staffs are very rude..and they stop whereever the feel and the timing of halt is too much. never try Neeta, instead MSRTC buses are prompt, efficient, clean, punctual, apart from VRL, SHARMA

Parag said...

Hi I am planning to take a bus from Pune to Ahmedabad.

Raj Express I believe has Tata Globus buses, whereas Patel-Gogte has sleeper volvos.

Are the sleeper volvos significantly more comfortable than the Tata Globus buses?

Any idea how the quality of buses is for both these operators?


. said...

Parag : you just cant compare a volvo with a Tata globus. The volvos are faster, more comfortable and smoother.
Raj has been known for poor service on this route. on many occasions, i have heard complaints about the bus being stopped at the MH-GUJ border, where the driver has to wait for the other bus coming from AHM side. At the border, passengers are requested to switch buses - why? some say Raj buses dont have permits to travel in various states. Imagine, u being woken up in the middle of the night and told to shift buses!

Plus sleeper volvo (as mentioned by u) will allow u to comfortably sleep thru the night. the extra money u wud pay in my opinion is worth it

Parag said...


Thanks for your reply.

I agree a sleeper Volvo is far better than a regular one.

The reason I was keen on checking out Raj Travels for Ahmedabad is because I have had a good experience with them on the Mumbai - Pune route. I also called them up and they said that they have semi-sleeper volvos on the Pune Ahmedabad route.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

. said...

Parag : if they are claiming that they have semi sleeper volvo, then they might have replaced the old Globus bus. However, a semi sleeper volvo means there are 10 rows of seats and u can recline your seat for a comfortable position. However, a sleeper volvo is like a proper bed : hence more comfy

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Planning to Travel from Mumabi to Bangalore by Bus, id there any A/C Sleeper Volvo on this route? Pls. Share some info on this route.

Thanks in Advance. :-)

. said...

Gee Pee travels used to run a Volvo sleeper coach some time back. Check with ticket agents. Else, the best you can go for is VRl / Sharma Volvos. Sharma has just 9 rows of seats (36 seats) and offer the best leg room

Anonymous said...

Thanks Buddy..

Anurag said...

I wanted to know the best possible volvo connection from Manipal to mumbai. which company and terminus to prefer?

. said...

Anurag : U can try the 2pm Mangalore - Mumbai KSRTC Volvo. it passes thru Udipi as well. U can hop onto this bus

Jazz said...

hey I am in Mumbai for an exam which finishes at 5.00 pm on saturday at Kurla...I was looking for transport from Mumbai to Pune...which would give me some time for shopping at colaba cause way in Mumbai while reach me to Pune by 9.00 am on sunday...

girish said...

good infor..... recently i have impressed wid vishal volvo operating mumbai manglore.looks too fasst and it overtook my ksrtc volvo any post on it....???plz//review!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am travelling from Mumbai to Hyderabad on the 2nd by Volvo. Pickup is Chembur but the address is given as "Chembur West,Mumbai to Pune Volvo
I heard that Yogi is Chembur East.
since its a e-ticket I am totally confused. Pls help..if I should board the bus at Amar Mahal( W) or Yogi(E).
Ramola Fernandes