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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Swaraj Mazda Isuzu LT 1 Bus


Swaraj showcased their luxury buses at the Auto Expo. The bus, with an Isuzu engine, is now being used by various operators including KSRTC and Sree Kaleshwari travels.

It no where looks as good as the new Volvo B9R, B7R or the Mercedes buses, but still is a value buy. Here are the specification of the bus


Swaraj Mazda Isuzu LT 1 Bus Engine Specifications

Model 6 Hk1-TC EURO-III Compliant Rear Engine
Type Four Cycle, 6 Cylinders, OHC(over head cam) Direct Injection, Water Cooled Turbo Charger with Inter Cooler & EGR
Displacement (cc) 7790
Max. Power 230 PS @ 2500 RPM

Type 24 volts
Battery 2 Nos 12 V, 150 AH
Alternator 24V, 110A

Cushioned Single Plate, Dry, Hydraulically Controlled, Air assisted.
7 Forward 1 Reverse, Synchromesh with overdrive

Front Axle Reverse Elliot”I” Beam Section
Rear Axle Full Floating

Type Power Steering, Re Circulating Ball Type with Hydraulic Booster

Front Air Suspension with 2 Bellows
Rear Air Suspension with 4 Bellows

Service Brakes
Full Air, Dual Circuit, S-Cam Type with Auto Slack Adjuster
Parking Brakes Spring Actuator on Rear Wheels, Failsafe
Exhaust Brakes
Electro-Pneumatic with butterfly Value in Exhaust pipe. Inter Locking Actuator for exhaust Brake & Foot Brake with canceling switch
ABS Provided
Retarder Provided

Wheels 10 Stud Wheel Discs
Nos .of Tyres 7(including 1 Spare Tyre)
Size 11-R22.5-14 P R (BS)

Capacity 280 Ltrs

Max. Speed 115 KM/ HR
Gradeability 34%

No. of Seats 40 + 1
Type Push back, Reclining Comfortable Seats with Padded Arm Rests and Foot Rest

Wheel Base 5700 MM
Turning Radius 9650 MM
Ground Clearance 250 MM
Overall Length 11400 + 50 MM
Overall Width 2500MM
Overall Height 3700 + 50 MM

Front 1980 MM
Rear 1790 MM

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Picture of the Isuzu bus : India's leading car forum - Team-Bhp


Raghav said...

Bus looks ok....but i don't well it can take the roads... & it is just 10 rs - 20Rs less compared to the volvo bus charges...not much of a i will prefer volvo.... only.... would like to have a try in this bus...during my next trip to chennai by KSRTC... from bangalore

. said...

I heard the fuel efficiency of this bus is far superior which in turn means profit for the operator. And hence companies might want to run these buses

Binai.K.Sankar said...

don't you think the original photographer should be credited, and not the website which just host the pics?

. said...

binai: Team-bhp has a different policy : if u go thru their rules. And hence i mentioned the source.
I, like other bloggers, always mention the website from where we pick up stuff.
Peace and regards

Vinay said...

I happened to travel by an Isuzu bus operated by Padikkal from bangalore to Pathanamthitta(Kerala). The journey was very comfortable and had lesser running time than Volvos. Ticket cost same as that of Volvo

Major features:
a.) Very good interiors comparable to that of a flight.
b.) Two roof mounted LCD monitors.
c.) Adjustable AC vent

Drawbacks I found:

a.) I felt the seat width is lesser than that of Volvo.
b.) Cabin bit more noisier than Volvo
c.) No calf support.

SHIN said...

I completely agree with Vinay,

I found the same Major Features abd drawbacks and would like to add one more draw back the cabin lagguage space.. its very very small(width)comparment above head to keep your backpacks .. I had travelled on seabird Isuzu between Bangalore-Mangalore. Journey time was just 6.45 where as Volvo takes 7.15..

SHIN said...

I completely agree with Vinay on Major Features and Drawbacks.. would like to add one more.. The above head cabin has veryy small space width wise even to keep your backpacks..

I had travelled on Seabird Isuzu from Bangalore-Mangalore..was shocked seeing journey time, it was 6.40hrs while volvo takes 7.30 and since bus has 7 gears I doubt driver ever used all, but I remember for about 30 mins on highway it was cruising overtaking all the buses :)

Well I have one trip to do this week , thinking of taking same bus again :)

Anonymous said...

I traveled by the ISUZU bus recently from Bidar to Dharwad, distane of around 560 - 570 K.M. Journey was very comfortable (road condition is one of the worst for more that 60% of the total distance) and the VRL staff managed to cover the distance in Just 10 Hrs, with halts in between.

wimanyu said...

i saw this bus by panickers travells in agra

Anonymous said...

I usually travel from Vizag to Hyderabad by Volvo B9R or B7R which takes about 12 to 13 hrs. Once I happened to go to Hyderabad and as all Volvo buses were booked out & was left with only Isuzu option.I was bothered for taking Isuzu but journey was comfortable as equivalent to a Volvo & surprisingly it took only 10hrs & 45 min. And also price of Isuzu ticket was only Rs. 700 whereas B9R or B7R costs minimum of 900 or even more. So a smart saving of 200. I would agree that there is fewer place to keep your backpacks but found seats wider than that of B9R or B7R. Also thrust that you feel in a Volvo while it is accelerating is more when compared to that of Isuzu. But looks are dumpy when compared to a Volvo. Over all I would prefer a Isuzu for saving time & money.

prince said...

hai can anybody tell whats the price of isuzu lt 134 bus price in India? what are the advantages in isuzu when compared to volvo buses as a bus operator?

Anonymous said...

price of LT134 is about between 58 to 60 lacs
very good bus i have seen