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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Corona Ambari A/C bus

Some months back, the Pune based manufacturer rolled out its Corona sleeper buses. With a 160bhp rear engine, the bus has 32 comfortable sleeper berths. The company also rolled out its A/C seater for long distance routes now being used by various operators including KSRTC

Body and frame:
Corona bus is an all steel integral monocoque construction and has two important structural members:
a) Spines to carry load carrying member and
Exterior cage which is integrated with spine to have a unique single piece monocoque structure.
The entire structure is made up of rectangular steel tubes. The structure has comparatively high impact strength.

The bus is fitted with 160 Horse power Cummins engine at the rear end so as to reduce noise pollution inside the bus saloon. The rear engine ensures reduced transmission loss. Larger flaps are fitted at rear end and at sides for better accessibility and maintenance of the engine.The bus can easily maintain speeds of 95-100km/h on the highways and returns around 4km to a litre of diesel.

Air suspension:
Fully independent front Air suspension are provided which carries double link wish bone at both left and right independently supported to the structure by silent bearings. The rear end is provided with an independent single wish bone structure which is pivoted to the body structural spines with rubber mountings for comfortable travel. The Air suspension provides bump free travel to the passenger

Passenger saloon:
The passenger saloon is provided with ultra modern interiors, ‘Happich’ imported hatracks to carry light luggage, comfortable reclining hi-tech passenger seats, imported floor carpeting, high mounted TV to have better viewing pleasure for passengers.

Air conditioner:
This bus is provided with good branded “carrier” make air-conditioner with excellent cooling effect to make the journey comfortable & cool.

Front show and wind shield:
The bus is provided with improved front show and wind shield to have better aero dynamics and fuel efficiency. Better visibility and safety. Single piece front cowl gives better insulation and avoids dust entry into the cabin and also help in reduction in noise pollution.

Luggage space:
The bus is provided with excellent under slung luggage space (approximately 11 cubic mtrs) to carry more luggages of passengers and also better road holding with lowered centre of gravity. Loading and unloading of luggage is very easy as the luggage space is much nearer to the ground.

The Braking system provides safe and reliable braking with dual circuit full air brakes. Condenser cum water separator is provided in addition to the air dryer to enhance life and performance of brake system. Automatic slack adjuster are provided to enhance the braking efficiency.

Seats Configuration:
Fitted with 44 passenger seats with 2x2 seating configuration. The seats are comfortable with reclining mechanism.

The bus is provided with all aluminum doors and stretched galvanized panels. The panels are painted with polyurethane based premier high solid 2k paints with colorful graphics.

The end rate for the Corona Ambari A/C bus is Rs. 36,81,563.00.12.

Brand Name:
The Bus is named as “AMBAARI” – means comfortable & luxurious journey on the top of an Elephant.


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