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Friday, April 3, 2009

Mumbai to Pune MSRTC Shivneri volvo video

I keep traveling between Mumbai and Pune often and this time decided to shoot the MSRTC Shivneri Volvo bus, the best option to travel between these two cities.

Enjoy the video

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Rakesh said...

The MSRTC Volvos generally stick to the 100 mark. However, the kinglong cerita buses run much higher. I have noticed this a couple of times - may be as these chinese kinglong buses have a better fuel economy and hence cruising at higher speeds doesnt effect the economy much

Rishikesh said...

Well i travelled from Pune to Mumbai a couple of days back. The Shivneri Volvo reached Dadar in 2hrs 50 mins (bus left Pune at 9:10pm). The bus was clean n in good shape. Though i slept through most of the journey i did manage to check the speed of the bus on my gps enabled phone. The bus maintained an avg speed above 100kmph for most part and occasionally going upto 110kmph.
The speed was measured towards the Mumbai end of the expressway and for about 15-20mins.
I was recently in the US and travelled a bit on the Grey Hound buses and they also maintain similar speeds as they have to stick to the 65-70mph speed limit.
Hoping to see similar stuff on the Nasik - Mumbai highway once the 4 lanning is over.

. said...

Rishikesh : While going from Pune (around 1900 feet above mean sea level) to Mumbai (sea level), as you mentioned, towards the Mumbai end of the expressway, there are a lot of slight downhill sections and hence may be the bus was occasionally touchin 110.
For instance, on the Pune - Bangalore route, before Belgaum, there are these 3-4 stretches which are completely downhill for 1-2 km.. I have seen the Sharma and KSRTC Volvo drivers switch to neutral just before touching the stretch - the bus goes from 100ish to almost 120km/h on these stretches! Gravity rules, doesnt it?

ss said...

I have travelled B7Rs and B9Rs in the UK...these buses consistently exceed 120kph true speeds on my GPS ..In India ,the max that the same GPS could ever record was under 105 kph...i did try the entire Mangalore-Mumbai ,Bangalore-Mumbai,Bangalore-Mangalore,Bangalore-Tirupati,Bangalore Chennai routes

Kshitij said...

when it comes 2 a mum pune i prefer the shivneri bcoz it runs bang on time the drivers r not rude as neeta volvo,and after 5 to 6yrs of shivneri they brought mercedes and volvo 9400 in the mum pune route isnt it awesome msrtc is the best!!