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Monday, April 13, 2009

Volvo operators raise prices

Get ready to shell out as much as Rs 1500 for Mumbai to Bangalore in a volvo now

The season has started they say, and the prices have gone up again.
On a typical Mumbai to Bangalore Volvo route, the prices for a one way ticket are now anywhere between Rs 1150 to 1500! This variation is a lot and makes no sense. We dont know the reason for the same too!

Sharma is charging around 1200, whereas VRL is charging 1400! National for its late evening Volvo is charging 1500 bucks. An year back, prices were as low as Rs 1100 only for all the operators.

The heat (of summer) is showing its effect it seems

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Anonymous said...

Volvo agents are now behaving like Air lines : Govt should do something about this. Their should be a fixed price for tickets and not variations like these. A normal non a/c bus ticket for the same route is available for around Rs 750 now

sayed said...

this is because of BJP in karnataka and shiv sena in mumbai, we all porr people

Anonymous said...

Sharma is charging a fixed price for Bangalore to Mumbai i.e.,Rs 1380 which can be booked by their direct site
The sad part is that they do not have online facility from Mumbau to Bangalore and hence it is up to the agents.

. said...

Yes, the site is good but again, they dont take bookings from Mumbai to Bangalore or Pune to Bangalore etc. For example, i wanted to book a ticket from Pune to Bangalore and cudnt, whereas i have on earlier occasions booked a seat from Davanagere to Pune (paid fare for Bangalore to Pune, boarding at Davanagere).