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Friday, March 5, 2010

SVR Volvo (Hyderabad to Mumbai) caught doing 100+

In the recent past, I have posted a lot of videos of Volvo as well as other buses doing high speeds. See my video library -

Recently while traveling to Mumbai from Pune, I caught the SVR Volvo B7R, going to Mumbai from Hyderabad, doing 100km/h+.

Enjoy the video and dont forget to check out my previous video of the Volvo B7R doing 118km/h HERE


Satya said...

Hey ...its 2010 !! What is so great about a bus doing 100 kph :)...these days we have trailer trucks and goods trains doing 3 digits speeds

. said...

mmm...yeah it is 2010 but yet, 90% of the bus market consists of old age Leylands and TATAs - buses that find it difficult to hold even 90. Plus the fact that we have very few Volvo videos online. Just another excuse to put up a video.
By the way u might way to see the other video of the Volvo doing 118. link in this post above