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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

VRL Multi-axle Volvo B9R: Pune to Bangalore route experience

I had in the past written about my experience with VRL Volvo and as evident, havent really been very happy. I took their services yet again on the 11th of March for my frequent travel to Davanagere from Pune. For this, I booked myself on the 7pm Multi-axle Volvo via

I booked seat no 3 (left row, non-window). The bus was scheduled to arrive at Katraj at 7pm and it did. However, like my previous experiences, it left the place only after 40min at 7:40pm. All this time, the passengers who had boarded at Mumbai had to be sit inside only, killing time by doing nothing. When the bus did start, two girls, seated on seat numbers 4 and 5 requested the driver to wait for just 5 mins as they had to hand over some documents to a friend. But the ignorant driver did not respond and just drove on. How shitty is that now? VRL can waste 40min doing nothing but loading parcel boxes but cant wait for 5 mins when a passenger requests??

We took a dinner break after Satara. Driver change happened somewhere enroute and the second driver was driving very fast. Infact, sometimes he was rash, braking hard and going through the bad roads between Haveri and Davangere very fast, shaking up everyone. Why do they need to do this? I really appreciate Sharma Volvo for they are quite cool through bad roads and drive fast, but in a seamless manner.

I was dropped off at Davanagere bypass at 4:20am. The return journey too was by VRL - a bad choice as i found out. Review coming up next!

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Anonymous said...

Seat no. 3... Is that next to the co-driver, What's the soft corner for the girls in seat 4 & 5? Are they pretty and sitting parallel to you? lol...

. said...

3 - yes next to co-driver
oops - not 4&5 but 5&6. soft corner for girls? hmmm.. the fact was that the driver was willing to waste 45mins to pack in courier bundles but cudnt wait 5min for a passenger who had shelled out a thousand bucks for the trip :)