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Sunday, April 4, 2010

MSRTC Shivneri Pune to Bangalore Volvo experienced

A few days back we told you about MSRTC Shivneri's new Volvo service to Bangalore from Pune - see HERE. Yesterday, ie, on the 3rd April I personally took the bus to get a first hand experience.

The bus from Pune leaves at 5:30pm from Swargate. Contrary to the usual Pune-Mumbai Shivneri bus service, this one wasnt on time. Below are my pointers
1. The bus left at 6:00pm - 30min late
2. There was too much confusion. 5-6 officials - some trying to identify all baggage with tags, some checking tickets, some helping walk in passengers etc. And the same thing again by other officials. MSRTC should learn a thing or two from KSRTC.
3. The bus took 10 hrs for Pune to Davanagere : 1 to 1.5 hrs more than other operators I have taken till date
4. The above point was due to the bus entering three cities - Kolhapur, Belgaum and Hubli. While this might help in revenues, but on the other hand, it just makes the bus reach its final destination, ie, Bangalore late.
5. The drivers werent really good - hard acceleration, hard braking and so on. Too many 'jhatkas' on the way

The good point
1. The bus was half empty so I later went to the rear and slept peacefully
2. However the point above (sleep) didnt last long. Due to constant entering into cities, all of us were constantly being disturbed
3. Normal buses dont enter Davanagere - this one did :)

Overall, i wouldnt take this service next time. I am ok with paying a hundred bucks extra on other operators to reach my destination earlier.


Anonymous said...

how does a driver happen in this route , do msrtc carry two drivers on board , or driver changed at some bus station

. said...

Like every other operator who runs buses on long routes, there were two drivers in the bus. The change happened somewhere midnight

Anonymous said...

Is that a old Mark III or 9400 new ?

. said...

anonymous: The latest : 9400 series

Anonymous said...

how to book ticket from banglore
for msrtc volvo , is it given to agents ?

. said...

anonymous: You can book online. See
Alternatively, some agents have started booking tickets too but the list is small as of now

Anonymous said...

Me too sometimes wonder the same! In Kpn, Sharma volvo semisleeper i've seen a bed in the last for the co-driver to sleep. Whereas in Ksrtc there is no bed, where will be the other driver sleeping? in the last seat?
Again, If the bus becomes full where will he take a nap?

. said...

likewise even Sharma volvo has a bed at the rear. However operators like VRL / KSRTC have seat no 3 (left window, first row) reserved for the second driver to sleep. And yes, even if the bus is full, this seat is always for the driver to sleep. There is a big wooden plank, with a mattress on it always

Anonymous said...

That's too bad for the drivers to rest. Though they pull the roller curtain & middle screen down the glare still pierce the eyes.

Travelled in Mark II Airavat from chennai-bangalore via chittor. The roads in andhra and near karnataka were under huge construction for 4 lane. At many places there were diversion and the upward and downward traffic both used same track. The headlights in oncoming vehicles were highly blazing and painful, (I think many knew the no. of headlamps in apsrtc buses! ). Our driver was very fast and did many zigzag overtaking and therefore result the middlecurtain keep on waving from left to right. And with his hard braking all the window curtains began to scroll front.
He did the entire journey in just 5 hour 50 mins.

ShravaN said...

I would like to know , where exactly MSRTC pune - bangalore bus stops in bangalore? As i will be planning to travel for the frst time , would like to know how far is this bus stop is from electronic city.

Kindly do reply. :)

. said...

SHRAVAN: No idea. I got off at Davanagere :)

Shravan said...

Thanks for reply "."

Does any one else know where exactly does it stops in Bangalore ?

Anonymous said...

@Shravan " Majestic " Bus Station
I Think

Shravan said...

Hi , all I traveled via AC-Shivneri from Pune - banglore. Service was quite ok, I didnt find anything wrong in the service. Left Pune at around 6 PM , and reached around 10 AM to Bangalore. Since driver was new it took little bit more time. everything else was quite good. ya but as i keept my expectations very low thats y i feel OK. some spots where bus halts are quite BAKWAS no good service for toilets/food. they should change this.

Airavat compare to shivneri is quite fast. Banglore to pune.

anyways , it was just 1 time journey for me so i m fine for regular users they should improve some class.


. said...

Shravan: the prob with Shivneri is that it enters Kolhapur, Belgaum and Hubli on the way which wastes 45-60min and hence it takes more time to reach Bangalore. Other operators like VRL / KSRTC however take 13.5 to 14 hours as compared to 15-16 by Shivneri

Harshad said...

I booked the Pune to Bangalore shivneri, and the experience was decent (I think the same day that the blog writer tried it... with the luggage confusion!). But am not able to book the reverse: Bangalore to Pune using the MSRTC online booking site... it refuses to accept Bangalore as a destination.... aM I missing something?

. said...

Harshad: I think MSRTC has leased the return trip to KSRTC. You can book Blr-PNQ on Shivneri via

Sunil Supekar supekar said...

Dont try 2 teach msrtc what they should do n wat not!!! Even if shivneri is service is not up to the mark.... They r providing nice service for inter maharashtra route like to nashik, nagpur, aurangabad, thane, pune etc. Which is not at all possible in karnataka state.... Maharashtra msrtc rockkks.. Jai maharashtra