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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roadlink India Volvo B7R crash pictures

My friend, Praveen Prakash Sathaye was traveling in RoadLink India's Volvo B7R from Chennai to Bangalore a few days back. At around 2am, the bus hit a trailer from behind at speeds of around 100km/h. Praveen was thrown out of the bus (he was sitting right behind the driver, non-window, seat no 3). Thankfully he didnt sustain serious injuries. The cleaner of the bus wasnt that lucky, as seen in the pictures.

Here are other crashes in the past
1. Sharma's Mercedes crash
2. KSRTC's fatal crash enroute Mangalore
3. KSRTC's fatal crash involving Infosys employees
4. KPN's Volvo B9R crash


Anonymous said...

hope no was injured.. gosh scary accident...

Anonymous said...

people died in this of them a former mp as well....

Satya said...

An ex-MP and the cleaner were killed on the spot..many others injured!!

Once again highlights the importance of seatbelts in these high speed machines.

I am sure ..the trailer didnt have the necessary warning lights as well

Anonymous said...

One Ex. MP died on the spot, It was reported in Dailythanthi tamil newspaper.
Do you all know something guys. The Minister was actually going to Vaniyambadi from Chennai. The accident happened at Ambur. Ambur is just 10 kms before vaniyambadi.
One more thing doubts me is Metrolink travels is a occasional operator in Chennai-Bangalore route. Only Kpn travels, Sharma, Sangita travels, Shama Sardar, ABT travels, SRM, Parveen travels are the Daily Operators.
Kallada (Bagyalakshmi travels undertaken), National travels, Bharathi travels, Seabird tourist are also occasional operators only.

Akash said...

Bad one! Had this been some other bus, I am sure the damage would have been much more. Volvo safety sure came into play

Satya said...

Whats the use of a "Safe" bus if people still die for want of simple safety measures like safety belts !

Volvo wouldnt dare sell buses without seat belts in other developed countries no matter how much cost-cutting they might have to do .

In this case,maybe the cleaner may not have been saved...but passengers could have been saved had there been safety belts being used

Akash said...

Satya: Come on.. Why blame Volvo for this. Even if they had seat belts, I am sure not a single person would have worn them as these buses' seats recline like anything and sleeping with the belt is just not possible that way.
Secondly, then blame the govt for not having patrolling at night. Or the driver for not sticking to so called speed limits. Or the NHAI guys for letting the trailer be on the highway without working tail lamps and reflectors etc.
The blame game can on and on and on. The point here is that this incident involved a Volvo bus which due to its modern construction absorbed a lot of impact vis a vis a non Volvo bus. Peace!

Satya said...

:) I am not blaming Volvo India for this accident !!

All I am saying is that its important to have these safety measures ,when we have these high-speed missiles.I do agree that 90% of the people will not have wear seat belts ...but then that doesnt mean you dont give seatbelts at all!!

I was in a B7R recently that had a near fatal head on collision with a truck..and guess what ...i was in the same seat as the MP...i was saved as i was wearing seat belts one died...but people around me were injured and thrown from their seats as they wernt wearing seat belts.

And yeah doubts that it was the superb build of the B7R that probaby reduced fatalities .

I am yet to see safety hammers in these buses...maybe the operators remove them ...or maybe this is some sort of cost cutting.

Anonymous said...

There are sealt Belts for first row of seats

Anonymous said...

Very sad pictures. I can see a person lying below the front of the bus, may the almighty give strength to the families of the deceased and may he more importantly teach the drivers of such monsterous machines to be more safe and courteous on the road! Peace!

nanda said...

where do they keep the safety hammers,which is used to break the glass during accidents. I have not seen it. Do anybody knw? As nowadays lot of fatal accidents reported, these safety tools should have to be kept visible to all with a display note.

renu k said...

That was scary accident, in 2013 i booked through this operators while traveling from chennai to coimbatore, after this incident i thought to change my bookings through this operator.