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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Volvo and Mercedes bus videos are a hit on Youtube!

Time and again, we have been posting videos taken by us around India on Youtube. And it seems, we are gaining popularity. Here are some of our most viewed videos. Click on the link to view video

1. Two Volvo buses caught speeding at 125km/h - 35,099 hits
2. The MSRTC Shivneri caught speeding - 21,040 hits
3. A rare video of Tata Hispano bus speeding - 16,168 hits
4. The Mercedes multi-axle caught doing 130km/h - 13,057 hits

To see more videos, visit


Pulsurge said...

Travelled from Mangalore to Mumbai via Neeta Volvo B9R. GPS tracked the entire route. Here are a snapshots to show how fast the bus is, when it comes to top speed:

It was difficult to find the top speed done on the graph as you need very precise movement of the mouse, but this is the best I got on the graph:


Fortunately I exported the XML file to CSV into MsExcel to sort out the top speed done:


. said...

Thats awesome work! Thanks a lot for sharing. The second link shows the top speed to exceed 120 on various occasions. Impressive!

Jose said...

@Pulsarge, excellent work. What device did you use?

Jose said...

I found your blog through your videos. Must say it was a great find for someone fascinated with the Volvo coach buses.