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Friday, June 10, 2011

Update: KPN bus accident in Tamil Nadu with pictures

This has to be one of worst accidents in the history of luxury buses in India. Two days back, a KPN air-conditioned luxury bus met with a fatal accident in Tamil Nadu. The KPN Travels owned bus was going from Chennai to Pollachi. The accident happened at Avalurpet village, about 45 km from Vellore.

Atleast 22 people were killed (including seven women and a 10-year-old boy) in the accident involving this KPN bus. Only one passenger and the bus driver had a miraculous escape. The passenger Karthikai Rajam, said he escaped by breaking open a window but couldn't save his wife Smitha. The driver later surrendered himself to the police. It is reported that while trying to avoid hitting another vehicle, the Pollachi-bound KPN Travels bus crashed into the pit near Vellore district close to midnight Tuesday.

This is one of the most gruesome accidents on Tamil Nadu's accident-prone highway. The bus, carrying 23 passengers, swerved to the left and its silencer and diesel tank rammed a culvert before the vehicle fell into the ditch and caught fire at about 10.45 pm on Tuesday. KPN travels has earlier too been involved in fatal accident like THIS

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CK Technologies said...

Similar incident happened near Erode on 10th September 2011 in a luxury volvo bus from A1 Travels, Bus was coming towards Coimbatore from Bangalore. Since this was a burst of a Air Conditioning component under the first row, only the first row passengers and the cleaner were thrown out of the running bus near NH 47 and Mettur Rd junction. Both passengers succumbed injuries in legs. Both legs were fractured for both of them. Cleaner's leg got cut and died in Erode government hospital. Both passengers are girls and getting treated in Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore. This seems to be reported differently in the media saying there was an accident with the cement lorry to hide the real incident that took place.

sidD said...

my friend was on the bus. he said it was an accident with a lorry

Anonymous said...

Hi all
The trobled KPN did not learn lesson from their past. I am one of the unfortunate traveller booked ticket from Bangalore to Chennai on 7th December 2011. The 1.30 pm bus was cancelled and no altenate was provided till 5 pm. There are two buses were cancelled on that day. That resulting some other vehcile with alternate driver was arranged. The drive just came and he is driving continuously. I do not know hen the driver will take rest. This kind of pressure give the driver too much stress and finally he dives into ....

There should be some monitoring for these people else our life is in risk

Anonymous said...

On 11/7/2012 kpn bus from chennai to bangalore met with an accident with the tamilnadu government bus.the bus driver fled away and we the passengers were locked inside as the doors got jammed. Then finally we broke the glass windows from outside people and miraculously escaped with bad injuries . The travel is not concerned about this and we called up they it is common for accidents to occur . The kpn is providing worst service and they are least bothered about the passengers .
Many a times such accidents get unnoticed and the travels take advantage of it

Veeveebusservice said...


Anonymous said...

Kpn travels AC sleeper bus accident in mandur near Ambur. Lot if passengers fell from upper berth. Driver slept and rammed into the road divider. Luckily no loss of lives. Only injuries. Poor treatment of drivers by travels. Date 10 the may 2016