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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another KSRTC Volvo fatal accident - at Kunigal

Another Volvo bus accident and this time involves KSRTC. Remember, in the past too, KSRTC has had several major fatal accident. See HERE
The latest one again comes from the Mangalore - Bangalore route where a KSRTC single axle Volvo B7R was involved in a fatal accident last night. It is learnt that the Volvo bus was overtaking a slow moving truck and the high speed direction change led to the driver losing control near Kunigal and rolled over.
In this accident, Dr Rajwin Fernandes, aged 43, passed away. Dr Rajwin was travelling along with his father Roque Fernandes to Bangalore when the Volvo bus in which he was travelling met with an accident near Kunigal and rolled over. Rajwin died on the spot as a result of severe head injuries. The body was taken to Magadi hospital for post mortem. Four others injured have been admitted to the same hospital for treatment. He was an Ophthalmologist and he had a clinic, ' Trinity Eye Centre' at Valencia.

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