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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another fatal KSRTC Airavat Volvo accident

Some days back, we told you about the KSRTC Airavat Volvo accident in Karnataka (CLICK HERE). Today, we got some more news on a similar accident.
A KSRTC Airavat Volvo operating between Mysore and Pune overturned near Sankeshwar when the driver tried to negotiate a sharp curve. In the mishap, five Infosys employees lost their lives!
Let me also add that our readers shouldnt infer from these accidents that the Volvo B7R bus is dangerous in general. Everyday tens of other accidents involving TATA / Leyland buses go unheard of.
Even the driver can be at fault, or other road users (like the stranded truck in the other case)

Picture source : allaboutbelgaum

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ss said...

How could anyone manage to topple a B7R!! and that too on the GQ.I have driven countless number of times on the NH4 from Mumbai to Bangalore/Mangalore like these bus drivers and I know these roads like the back of my hand.
Looks like the driver must have dozed off.
There is no question about the safety of the bus as ,inspite of overturning,the roof hasnt caved in as it would have in a TATA/ALL bus.
Ever since the air prices have gone up,there has been an increase in number of B7R travellers....only for KSRTC to make loads of money.No wonder its one of the few state transport organisations in India to make money.
But,because of the demand,they do put non-Volvo trained drivers at times.This is not acceptable!!

I have got into fights at the bangalore depot when I have seen the khaki colored uniformed drivers driving these buses.
The regular B7R drivers have white uniforms.
Its in the hands of the passengers ...whether to leave it to fate or refuse to travel!!...and complain.

Accidents like these were just waiting to happen.I had travelled on one such occasion where the driver wasnt using teh clutch to change gears!!and ...when i confronted him ...he said thats how all buses are driven.

Private bus drivers have atleast some fear...but these govt.owned bus drivers....the way they overtake ..would even put Micheal Schumacer to shame.

So many of us take pride in mentioning that the B7R was doing 120...130..110...but do we realise that one wrong move and without seat belts will be gone like a dead fly!!

Anonymous said...

This bus was hired by infosys to transfer its employees from mysore to pune. I wonder wheter it was the regular driver of the route.

Anonymous said...

According to transport minister the driver was on that route from the past 2 years.. hmmm

Anonymous said...

Once my Friend travelled from Bangalore to madurai in ksrtc volvo. The total distance is around 450 kms / 10 hrs. The bus was supposed to have two drivers. But last min. at majestic suddenly the co-driver was shifted to chennai airavat. When my friend questioned about this the conductor explained that' nowadays is became quite common for them.
As the ksrtc started many summer special buses (check ksrtc website) they made more trips but less drivers. Think the condition of the driver, for driving continuosly for
10 hrs that too in the dangerous (krishagiri-dharmapuri-salem)stretch.
On the other story said by the con. it is rather better for them as some of the ban-mys drivers driving all day making 2-3 trips daily,were also suddenly be pulled for the evening dep. buses such as hyd, mangalore etc.

Prasad Dudhgaonkar said...

It is a notorious curve. You can make out from map at this link. I have seen a few accidents very much at the same spot and heard the stories during the brief stopover at the nearby restaurant.

In one of them, a Scorpio, toppled in the same way in early morning. All five occupants, two kids, parents and the driver escaped unhurt. The replacement driver later on revealed that the scorpio was at 140 kmph before the curve. The occupants were wearing seat belts which saved their lives despite the high speed and several rolls.

Volvo buses cruise between 90 to 110 kmph. At this speed, I must say, the passengers should use seat belts provided at each seat. Also there is something to be done as for the design of the seat belts in the buses.

Phoenix Auto Accident said...

That is sad news. Did they get to know exactly what happened? My heart goes out to the victim's families.

MKS said...

Hey there was an "Another fatal KSRTC Airavat Volvo accident" today morning on a Mangalore Bangalore some where around 1.5 Km from Kunigal...

01 Confirmed death on the spot and many injured..

can any one upload the Pics....

Mohammed Nabeel said...

Early morn at 6 am today airavat volvo bus turned and crashed into d woods nearby . At L&T road coimbatore.
I waz d only injured victim.
It waz a special bus to palakkad.
Only single driver waz there. And as informed by d official he has no experience in dis route

Andi said...

The wreckage looks so awful. My prayers go out to the victims of this tragedy. I'd suggest they look into The grieving process is a long and painful one but knowing someone is going through the same thing gets it a little less difficult.