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Monday, May 18, 2009

KSRTC's Volvo's major accident

Five people were killed, including three from Bangalore, and 14 others

injured when a KSRTC Volvo-Airavat crashed into a
timber-laden lorry parked by the
road at Udane on Bangalore-Mangalore NH 48 in the early hours of Monday.

The bus, on its way to Mangalore from Bangalore, rammed into the lorry while trying to avoid an oncoming truck. A log that entered the bus on impact caused the casualties.

The deceased are Satish Chandra, 55, a motor vehicle inspector from Yelahanka; Girisha, 33, from Madhavanagar; Santhosh, 33, from Viveknagar; Prabha Hegde, 50, from Puttur and Varaprasada, 27, from Vishakapatnam.

The bus was carrying 40 passengers. Transport minister R Ashok announced a compensation of Rs 2.5 lakh each to the dependents of the victims, Rs 15,000 of which will be paid immediately and the rest within a week. He said: "We use our best drivers on the Airavat as the emphasis is on accident-free journeys."

This is the second major accident involving a KSRTC-Airavat this year. The previous one was near Tirupati four months ago.



VOLVO B7R crash enroute Chennai


Anonymous said...

Its pretty bad to see a Volvo meeting such a horrific accident. I travel a lot on this route and the trucks cause the major accidents on this stretch, be it a gas tanker truck or the timber laden trucks.

Anonymous said...

Damn Horrible! Let the killed Passengers RIP.. I wonder whether it is possible to get back the bus body back to its shape??

. said...

Yep, most of the times it due to slow moving traffic.
I dont think it will be possible to get the body back into shape. Even the chassis might have taken a toll

Anonymous said...

Well, the body has taken enough damage, a log of that size.... Well, the bus is going to scraps now.

ss said...

KSRTC is to be blamed here...the driver was not a regular B7R driver...he was actually a TATA/ALL bus driver.

I have written to KSRTC asking for an explanation...though I am sure nothing would happen.

sayed said...

this is horrible, we pay so much mony and this ksrtc will put useless tata or lyland driver and put our life like this,
we should ask transport minister to leave and ksrtc should give fine and driver should b hanged till death

Anonymous said...

Seems that the accident was caused when the bus driver took the bus onto the shoulder of the road trying to avoid on coming traffic. He couldn't get the bus back on the paved road since the shoulder was wet and the tyre sagged. The bus continued on the shoulder and the side hit the lorry with oversize logs parked on the shoulder. This route is infamous for horrific roads and in indisciplined truck traffic.

ss said...

lives lost ...does anyone bother ...KSRTC still continues to run buses with leyland /tata drivers forget transport minister ...forget KSRTC bangalore station supervisor...forget traffic cops...i am sure now ..even the driver must have been back to driving buses by now one cant really blame him wasnt entirely his fault...he was forced to drive a B7R...its time passengers start taking control of situations like this

viruzz said...

Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control.It is determined for the insect, as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.
Everything is prewritten by the CREATOR of the WOrld,eveyone has to follow it no matter where it leads to,if it wasnt for the bus accident it wud be sumthng else.

But then again KSRTC is to be blamed whatsoever
1)less number of drivers which means the present drivers work for a longer period of time ie less sleep and then eventually they tend to sleep while driving
2)KSRTC plies both normal as well as volvo buses.It is Obvious that a normal driver cannot easily steer a volvo because it is a foreign make.KSRTC management lets a normal driver to run a volvo
3)Again those truckdrivers who park their truks haphazardly on the highway which lead to such tragic mishaps should be blamed.It is obvious that a vehicle is vulnerable to various factors which leads a vehicle to a complete stop,but then again u just cannot park the vehicles without any signals.U need to indicate other vehicles to GOSLOW.this wasnt the case in this scenario

I just genuinely hope that the KSRTC management and the road transport minister read this and take some action.If KSRTC guys can spend 2.5 lacs on each deceased then y cant they spend to improve their services
this accidnet took place on 18th of may 09.this wasnt enough for them that another KSRTC bus carrying INFOSYS emplyoyees met with an fatal accident ,this happened on 21st of may 09
and this time the casualties reported was even more than the previous one

I just hope sincerly that some serious action is taken


Anonymous said...

I really feel this accident is not the fault of the Volvo driver.

Once I spoke to a Ksrtc's volvo bus driver. He says all Volvo drivers has to undergo a training session for months before they drive the buses on the highway.

I myself was once on a receiving end when my car brushed apart a truck which was parked in the dark on the ghat section. The truck had no hazzard lights on but i was lucky that day.

May the souls RIP!!!

Anonymous said...

This bus is back in service. The rework has been done pretty well, but for a few blemishes on the paint and undulations along the right side of the bus body. Anyways, praying that no more fatalities result from it, or any other Volvo's.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pu"I really feel this accident is not the fault of the Volvo driver.

Once I spoke to a Ksrtc's volvo bus driver. He says all Volvo drivers has to undergo a training session for months before they drive the buses on the highway."----- who the HELL told to drive volvo without training...!

Anonymous said...

There are 3 causes to most (95%) of these accidents -

1) Criminally reckless & rash driving. Why isn't the government taking action? It is so easy to do this with the application of technology.

2) Gross indiscipline; why are vehicles parked by a high speed highway? They should be parked only along pullout points.

3) Bad road design, as evident in this accident, why was the bus having to avoid the oncoming lorry and go onto the shoulder in the first place?