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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reader Feedback: Cerita / Isuzu / Volvo B9R

From our reader Deepak (Bangalore)

Dear Bunny

In response to your call in i would like to share my experiences in different types of buses.

Cerita :
Photo for representational purpose only

Kinglong make I travelled in cerita bus between Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam operated by kesinenitravels a leading operator of Andhra Pradesh in April 2008. The bus has a total seats of 45 and divided into 11 rows. The bus interiors are good and the interior body and seats have same upholstery. The seats are placed at a height of 4 inches above the middle pathway or gangway. The front seats do not have any legroom and the last two rows are placed at a height. There is a step of 6 inches for the 10th row and 11th row has two steps of 6 inches each. So the 10th and 11th row will also have less legroom as their leg will be obstructed by the preceeding seats and they cannot stretch their legs below the seat space as in Volvo. This means the seating will be comfortable for only 8 rows. More over it seamed like the engine is occupying more space. Recently they removed one row for this bus to make more legroom for the 8 rows and the seating is reduced to 41 seats.

Pic: Photo for representational purpose

I travelled in ISUZU from Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam by Sree Kaleswari Travels in May 2009. The bus has a total seats of 41 divided into 10 rows. The seats are placed directly on the gangway floor except the last two rows which are placed on steps of 6 inches each as in Cerita. when you push back your seat fully you could see outside the window freely as in Volvo as the seats are on the gangway floor. As the bus is 11.5M long the leg space for 9 rows will be equal to 10 row volvo semi sleeper. So the operator has removed one row but the last two rows have the same problem.

Volvo B9R :
Pic: Photo for representational purpose

I Travelled by volvo multiaxle from Bangalore to Vijayawada The bus has 12 rows with 49 seats all the rows have equal leg spacing including the last row. The engine occupies less space and 13.7 metre space is used for seating. Unloke the other brands the seats are placed at a height of 6 inches from the gangway floor and as you reach the back the seating floor height is gradually increases to about 9 to 10 inches (Gradient and not in steps). So there is uniform spacing between the rows and legroom is maximmum in volvo and also the seats used by them from Harita are the best seating systems then all other brands.

Volvo costs around 72 lacs and other brands like TATA Hispano, Ashok leyland IRIZAR, Cerita, Isuzu cost around 55 lacs which have less horsepower and the seating system should be more comfortable for all the rows which will have have a positive impact on the customer and also the maintainance costs and service stations for the operator will have a impact on the market.The engine design should be compact and should not consume the innner seating space. Though may are in the market and may planning to enter like Hino (toyota) the price and seating and service costs and service station availability will decide the existence of market for the players. Many operators prefer to buy Volvo than others which are less priced because of the brand value and the acceptance of the customer. Though ISUZU was acquired by VRL 8 Nos, Seabird Tourist 4 Nos, Varsha Travels 2, Sree Kaleswari 4 Nos in the last two years of its launch from june 2008 there are many takers of Volvo B7R and B9R.

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