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Sunday, May 16, 2010

TATA Hispano : Can it make a dent?

Remember the new rear engined luxury bus from TATA in collaboration with Hispano. The body is made at ACGL's factory in Goa. Though its priced quite low as compared to the likes of the Volvo buses, we havent really seen many of these on the road.
Lately, things are moving on though with SRS travels among others having taken these buses.
Here are a few images of how SRS's Hispano bus looks like.


Anonymous said...

Omni bus operators are purchasing AC buses purely for Prestige issues. In Chennai also there are few operators who are not much known to many people like vivegam, SPK travels, ARC travels who own A/C buses.
Some of the recognised operators like Rathimeena travels and all are purchasing Volvos to maintain the standard of their Company and to move the next level.
Pioneers like KPN travels, Parveen travels, Kallada travels, Kesineni , Sri Kalewari travels purchase B9R's for TRUE USE and to meet out their demand.
People prefer Volvo buses because they are faster, less noise, A/C etc..
LIke we bus lovers no other passengers show interest in knowing the Bus data like; this bus has six gears, it is Mark2, it is Mark 3. Passengers just want it to be a VAALVO (about 99% of passengers, operators pronounce volvo like this only).
Well now talking about Hispano, TATA is always a late runner in luxury vehicles. Remember, Volvo conducted a thorough research in the year 1999 and started their plant in 2000 at hoskote and started selling B7R's in the year 2001. The only fellow followed him quickly is JCBL Kinglong. Nearly in the middle of 2005 Tata launched Globus as a Competition for Volvo. But it was a flopshow as coachbuilders like Prakash, Sutlej itself sold same quality buses with nearly 15 to 20 Lakhs difference.
Now after 10 years TATA conducted a nationwide research and found that people prefer luxury products irresceptive of the price. And quickly joined hands with Hispano (also Marcopolo and started low floor buses in competition for B7RLE) and started producing a COMPLETE BUS.
But it is too late as Volvo buses became a common brand in bus transportation. Hereafter it is a tough Job to Exhibit Hispano as it is a Comfortable, Faster, Reliable, Safer Vehicle. If you give a choice for a frequent traveller to either choose new Tata Hispano or B7R Mark-II he blindly choose VAALVO Mark-2 because the BRAND NAME talks.


Anonymous said...

i have seen a TATA HISPANO in Ludhiana.... the height is comparetively high & of diff design..... i think this coach is not too many on roads....

Anonymous said...

Traveled on this Hispano of SRS from Chennai to Bangalore. The ride / poaer and comfort nowhere near a volvo . This is for guys who wants to go on a non Ac bus

Swarupa Chowdary said...

I had a great travel experience with this SRS Travels bus service and was really nice i felt.

Anonymous said...

TATA need to to put more efforts in making Luxury buses..! Because,many people in India know that TATA is the best bus&Truck Manufactures in the INDIA..As a low maintenance trucks.buses..!! In these days people are more interested in Luxury and Speed..!! Major problem is,Your buses costs nearly to the Volvo buses. Actually,that's not a Problem if,your standards like Speed,luxury are good..!! But,TATA Buses can do nearly 100 kmph-110 kmph Hardly..!! Coming to Volvo,Those buses can hit the speeds like 120-140 kmph simply..!! So,Please keep your concentration on speed and Luxury..! There are many fair advantages to TATA Compared to Volvo because of Nativity and Help from Government in India,like purchasing more buses..!! So,Please concentrate on these terms..!! Because we love TATA..! If you meet these requirements,Definitely people will show love towards TATA apart from many other brands like Volvo or Isuzu..!! We need to Wipe the foreign brands out of the india..!! If your bus costs nearly to the cost of Volvo, and not doing the performances like speed &luxury,Why they need to Purchase your bus..?? Please think..!! You can do better buses than this..!!