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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reader Feedback: Royal Cruiser Volvo

C) Royal Cruiser

1. Your name: Kanth
2. Route: Siliguri - Kolkata
3. Operator name: Royal Cruiser Travels
4. Bus brand: Volvo B7R
5. Month of travel: May 2009
6. Short experience:

Rating: Bus Interiors: 3.5/5; Bus Exteriors: 4/5; Crew Service Courtesy: 3.5/5; Drive experience: 2.5/5; In-bus Entertainment: 2/5;

From: Siliguri

To: Near Mayapur (some 2 hours before CCU)

Travel Time: Evening 6ish – 5ish morning (next day); Approx 11 hours

You will like: Only that you are riding on a Volvo. Baggage tags given.

You will dislike: The road condition between Siliguri and Calcutta and lack of proper in-bus entertainment.

Overall: I had a very unfortunate travel experience with RC. Booked seats on the first row and the harsh driving and breaking by the driver, I felt the necessity to wear seat belts. Even then it was discomforting considering the rash over taking, hard breaking, steep turns by the driver. He seems to be not trained by/at the Volvo facility. The NH was narrow and the driver’s arrogance only made the displeasure. Otherwise it was a nice experience and I wouldn’t mind traveling by RC again in future.

Tit Bits: Royal Cruiser is considered as a major operator of repute in WB. All drivers are dressed up in uniforms similar to airline pilots.

Disclaimer: My experience on that day could just be coincidental. Considering their reputation I would still recommend their service.

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