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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reader Feedback: Sree Kaleswari Travels

Sree Kaleswari Travels

Pic from zadeus

1. Your name: Kanth
2. Route: Bangalore - Vijayawada
3. Operator name: Sree Kaleswari Travels (SK)
4. Bus brand: Volvo 9400 6x2
5. Month of travel: November 2009
6. Short experience:

Rating: Bus Interiors: 4.75/5; Bus Exteriors: 4.5/5; Crew Service Courtesy: 4.75/5; Drive experience: 4.5/5; In-bus Entertainment: 4/5;

From: Kalasipalya Bus stand

To: Varadhi Junction, VJA

Travel Time: 1800 hrs – 0600 (next day); 12 hours; Break Time: 30 mins;

You will like: Crew’s punctuality sense, bus inside and outside cleanliness, livery and interiors. Booking experience online.

You will dislike: If you had a wrong choice seat choice, except for your seat you will not dislike anything else.

I later understood the commercial aspect here. When we started in CHN the occupancy was 50 % and by the time I got down in VJA the bus was running with full load. Even when some willing extra passengers volunteered to travel in cabin the driver promptly said no. To make the utmost profit out of every sector that they operate these buses should run with a minimum of 75% occupancy. This was ensured by the company even on a Wednesday.

Overall: Considering this was my first B9R experience and previous pleasant experiences with SK, I was looking forward for an exciting journey and Sree Kaleswari lived upto the excitement and did not disappoint me as before.

Tit Bits: SK recently rented a huge (read huge) space for it’s own bus stand in the heart of VJA (near Benz Circle). It has moved there recently from it’s own Petrol Station cum bus-stand close to this current place. The SK bus-stand has all comforts for the passengers viz., proper waiting area, parking area, ticket booking facility, snacks stall with working refrigerators. We have to note a point here that SK is ISO certified operator.

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